#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon


He has a pretty un-spectacular role in in the team. Easy to not be impressed.


If he can add even a slightly offensive game, he will be a very, very good player. He’s probably already a pretty decent player but geez, if his confidence rises and he starts attacking a little, he’ll basically be a very well rounded defender


Gets a pass for me purely for smashing Hipwood.


at the risk of using a shittyy cliche, he makes others play taller.

We don’t have anyone who has that nasty streak in them, and he has the ability to actually hurt his opponent. For that he stays in at least whilst we are winning.

He is limited as a footballer but he is playing within those limits. And him playing a pure negating role allows a Hurley, or maybe a Hooker to zone off and use their nous to cut off plays. Ambrose is currently a contributing member of a backline that is starting to look assured.

Long may he literally hurt his opponent


AFL reported that Hipwood was “unstoppable” last week.
This week Hipwood hit a brick wall.


Be great if he smashes Ben Brown.

fck that side show bob looking clown


Not sure you can count Cameron in round 1.


You could see as far back as 2016 that opposition forwards hate playing on him. He seems to annoy the ■■■■ out of them and no one seems to really get hold of him.

Best of all, he put Perryman in hospital (fairly) and he flies the flag physically (Hipwood). He’s one of the few blokes we have that can hit damn hard. Lol, I still think of the Hill burial. He’s a ripper overall, within obvious limitations, yes, but a ripper nonetheless.

Structure the backline to suit - attacking options and smaller runners to give him the outlet - and he’s very important to us imo.


Ugh. Yeah, fair call.

Altho from memory Ambrose did passably well in the circumstances.


Oh yeah, he did ok all things considered.

Cameron loves a front-running cheapie, and he had endless opportunities to do so.


I think the brick wall hit him actually.


You don’t need to structure an “outlet” around a guy that touches the ball 7 times a week.


he didn’t have an offensive game when he played as a forward. Love what you have now.


Watching at home the commentators said this act was stupid. Couldn’t disagree more. Was the perfect response to the sling tackle. Have always liked what Ambrose brings physically. Now it looks like Redman has similar intent and Stringer is starting to be the bully in the forward line. It’s great to have players like this again.


Walla is still our most physically intimidating player though, you can see the defenders knees wobble when they have the pill in their d50.


With a healthy list Franga and Ambrose will be selected on a horses for courses basis.

He may be omitted for Franga in the Collingwood game if they think Hurley can take De Goey, as Hooker will certainly take Cox leaving only Mihocek as the other tall.


You have to play Ambrose Anzac day to play on DeGoey, he needs some seriously close checking.


I am beginning to rate paddy but I still dont think hes a great matchup for de goey. Just think de goey is a little too nimble agility wise for him.

I’d have

Hurley - de goey
Hooker - cox
Ambrose - mihocek
Saad - elliot


De Goey is far too explosive for Ambrose


Hipwood is far too explosive for Ambrose