#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon


Hipwood and de goey are nothing alike. Nothing at all


Ambrose to feed Degoey grass all day

I’d imagine he’ll have Hooker and Hurley and any other of our defender not too far from him. Degoey doesn’t venture too far from the goal square when forward.


Ambrose is perfect for Mihocek. Covers a lot of ground, not as quick off the mark as De Goey and same size as Ambrose


They like Hurley being able to zone off and help out others/create as 3rd tall. He can’t do that on DeGoey as he’s their most dangerous fwd.

It’ll be Ambrose again as it was last year before he got injured. Hopefully the full glove treatment & physically work him over.

We stop DeGoey it will go a long way to helping us win the game as he is a match winner.


Who’s suggesting they are?

I’m just saying Hipwood is an athletic freak as well as being tall and Ambrose does what he does best. Totally shuts them out of the game by wearing them like a glove.

Enigmatic players like Hipwood and Degoey love nothing more than defenders that give them an inch of space.

They won’t get that from Ambrose.


yeah we know ambrose won’t give him space but if De Goey wants to hit up a lead, Ambrose won’t have the pace to go with him off the mark.

De Goey clearly one of the quickest off the mark like this in the league, very explosive.

Hipwood more suited to Ambrose coz he takes a bit to wind up


De Goey is far too explosive for all our tall key defenders.

That’s why it takes a team defense.

Ambrose will get him.



Hooker - Cox
Ambrose - Mihocek
Redman - De Goey (huge assignment)
Hurley - Adams/Stephenson
Pidge - Elliott (time to revert back to Wanganeen)
Saad - Thomas

Irish head-to-head with Varcoe on a wing.


I think Saad could even play on De Goey. With the other talls rolling off to spoil when a higher ball comes in.

The prospect of Saad running off De Goey and humiliating him for his inability to chase would be a huge tram lifter ala Hurls job on Franklin last year.

Saad wont get caught on the lead but might struggle under a high ball but to be honest so will Hurley amd Ambrose as de Goey is strong.


There is zero chance he will be omitted and especially for that game, he will take de goey and smash him into the MCG turf


With Ridley seemingly out for a month it’s kind of moot now.


Put your best stopper on their worst forward, put a 5 game back flanker on their best forward, and drag the star CHB out of the backline to tag (??) Adams, a 5’11 midfielder who hasn’t kicked a goal so far this year?
Drag the super impressive McGrath to the backline… and presumably put McKenna up to midfield?

I’ll have what you’re having.


Would’ve been mute regardless


I know it’s radical, but Pidge was also given a massive assignment on Betts as a kid & destroyed him.

Redman sizes up better on De Goey.

Ambrose can nullify Mihocek’s marking ability.

Hooker has to take Cox (height) & the other three forwards are smalls.

Elliott is dangerous & warrants a player like Pidge to run with & spoil him.

Saad takes the other small, Thomas, & you could easily leave Irish on Adams, but where does Hurley play? Hurley takes Adams & has the height/marking advantage.

Push Irish to the wing on Varcoe who likes to use his pace to slip forward.


Lets just deal with North first then worry about the pies.

Don’t want to put the moz on our defence assuming that they get through fine etc.


Gee, could have sworn that you originally proposed the Paddy on Mihocek idea 5 hours ago. Don’t abandon me now, dude/dudette. :grin:


haha yeah but the whole day has turned into talking about match ups for the pies, not norf


Was awarded a vote by the coaches. :blush:


So ■■■■■■ underrated.

He will go to DeGoey and smash him on ANZAC day.


Our preferred last line defenders are Hooker (big, slow) and Ambrose (mid size, athletic), with Hurley directing & patrolling 40-60m out.

Their preferred deepest forwards are Cox (big, slow) and De Goey (mid size, athletic) with Mihocek directing as a true CHF role.

I think you’re overthinking it, very very muchly.

And either they’ve got a new player called Adams since last week, or you’re absolutely smoking crack if you think Hurley’s going onto him