#29 Patrick Ambrose -- has shot Blitz out of the cannon


Any chance you can just spell out the direct matchups you would like to see instead of being deliberately vague? And cut out the drug digs directed towards me, please. That’s twice now.


Cox - Hooker
Ambrose - De Goey
Mihocek - Hurley

Probably Saad - Elliott and McKenna - Stephenson

Are you sure you’re not confusing Adams & Stephenson?? Stephenson is probably 80% forward line. Adams is rarely fwd.


Yeah, I missed Stephenson. Just went off the lineup (which prolly changed before the game started). I didn’t catch the start of the Pies/Doggies game, so am not sure of the exact starting positions.

No big deal, as my point was that I’d like to see Paddy go to Mihocek & Redman given first crack at De Goey, with Pidge brought into the backline to take the dangerous Elliott (although Saad is fine as well). Hooker on Cox & Hurley on Stephenson - with more licence to intercept. Irish on Varcoe up on a wing.

Your matchups will most likely be accurate, however, I don’t think my suggestions are all that bad. Our recent record against them hasn’t been the best, so a few different moves isn’t a bad idea. Just throwing a different idea out there sans the crack pipe. :wink:



Now I understand the level you’re coming from.


Not much talk of Rutten at this point, but really, by the end of the pre-season his work had only just begun. Now to work on this defensive unit, to get them working as a tight knit machine with players like Ambo dovetailing with the tall and small defenders. Each game, each game review, we need to see improvement in the group so by the end of the season we are tighter than a fishes…down back.


Theoretically, I don’t mind the Redman idea, but maybe it’s something to look at next time we play them? I dunno, might be a bit early.

The DeGeoy / Caddy mid sized forward has given us a bit of trouble in the last few years, and it would be beneficial to find out if Ambrose can cover that type of match up too. It’s a massive win if he can.

I would like to see Redman’s defensive chops really tested soon, though.


They tried Ambrose on de goey last year and he blew out his hammy trying to go with him.

I can see why we’d want to try it again but I can also see why we wouldn’t.

If Ridley is out Francis might be with a shot but I don’t like the way he tends to sag off leading forwards.

Hurley is pretty hard to get around when he plays in front


Not sure you take much outta last year’s game, injury aside, Ambrose is in much better form this year.


Yep. You interpreted well what I was getting at. Redman is super promising as a player, however, until such players are tested against the elite players, it is kinda difficult to gauge. I also believe Redman has the ability to defend well against De Goey. De Goey is an awkward size - 187-188 cm. Prolly too nimble for a taller defender & too tall for a shorter defender. Redman matches up well. It really is a compliment to Redman that I feel he should be given a first crack at De Goey.

Paddy will most likely be given the job, but that forces Hurley to take Mihocek. Again, not a bad move, however, he will be forced into a tighter man-on-man defensive role, not the free floating intercept role we saw at times last weekend. Mihocek likes to move around & can take a grab. Is around the 192cm mark, so Paddy shapes up well on him. Can both run with & nullify Mihocek’s marking ability.

Hooker to Cox. Hurley to take Stephenson or a resting Adams (using his height advantage to exploit the high balls in). Saad to Thomas. Irish could take Elliott, however, the latter is a dangerous forward. I’d prefer Pidge to start on him, with Irish pushed up to the wing & going head to head with Varcoe. Just playing with the pieces.


He wasn’t chasing DeGoey when did hammy.

IIRC it was Stephenson

Edit. Yep…

We essentially had 3 missing from midfield rotations. 2 actual mids in Myers & Guelfi, and one who provides important minutes in Stringer.

In the end the Pies mids were able to run harder for longer and over ran us.


He’d kept De Goey goalless while he was on. JDG eventually was the difference, kicking 2 of the last 4 or 5 to seal it.


Absolutely - talk about the cart before the horse!! The Tinners are having their farking grand final and we had better be up for it otherwise it will be a ■■■■ sandwhich. Worry about the prison bars after Friday!


Hurley on Stephenson would be a disaster, I reckon. Can see that as being a match-up the Piers would love. Look, with the Pies’ forward line, I think it will be a joint effort from the back 6 and defmids, and there won’t be any hard one-on-ones.


Mckenna to stephenson and saad to elliot, imo


Not correct. He was chasing Stevenson. Caught him, and brought him down, with a diving tackle that turned into a trip. Cost. 1 goal, 1 hamstring, 1 rotation and maybe the game.


I haven’t seen much of Stephenson this year but last year he was excellent.

He looks a bit slippery for Hurley I reckon.

When Stephenson transitions to midfield he is going to be one hell of a player.


I think Elliott’s return has pushed him up the ground a bit more and he isn’t finding it as much.


I know its pretty obvious now that he’s a rising star winner but he looks like a future champion of the game.

Football brain is out of this world.


Was he drafted as a midfielder?


Pies are not getting the ball fwd as much either

The keepings off game / controlling ball is affecting their scoring