#29 Patrick Ambrose


There is no grey.
A kick is any contact between the ball and a players foot, ankle or shin.
You cannot mark your own kick.
The ball hit Ambrose on the foot then he caught it, ergo by the rules as defined by the AFL it should NOT have been paid a mark. Anyone who thinks otherwise has basically made up other rules, clauses or exceptions to try and justify the decision.


What a find


Just love that paddy is no fuss, gets the job done and really wants to hurt the opposition. Go paddy!


Playing better than Hurley for the last 4 weeks and probably getting paid 1/4th of what he is on.


Marks his own kicks. Our Dempsey replacement.


Ol' Party Tricks Ambrose. He really is the Harlem Globetrotter of the EFC


'Minor quad injury' = 4 weeks out.

Pr!cks of things.


So this and Brown opens the door for Hartley and...?



Bring back last season's defense,


I was hoping this was just another sneaky resting of a player. We're gonna miss him.


It's his kicking leg also.



Met him last night as a privileged representative of the sponsors group. Fantastic guy and very personable. Boy is he BIG. Standing next to Hartley he seemed almost as tall. It was suggested that he should play against Freo but just kick with the left!
He will be missed I fear.


Progressing well, door ajar to return for Dreamtime.


Do Richmond have a second key forward?


Vickery :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


They've been playing Todd Elton as ruck/forward. not much else aside from him I think.


Ambrose would be the perfect match up for Dusty when he rests forward.


Maybe "least ■■■■ match up" would be the best way of describing it, he towels pretty much everyone he plays on one on one.



Paddy kept Riewoldt goalless last time we played them FWIW.