#29 Patrick Ambrose


Dusty is way too agile for Paddy. He'll go to Riewoldt who he has done well on before.


Limited footballer, maximum impact. We should try him forward!


I'd much rather Paddy on Dusty instead of Dea.

Hurley could easily match up on Dusty too FWIW


Gee that would be great news i wouldn't of wanted hartley playing on reiwoldt ambrose was superb on him last year.




I'd play him on Reiwoldt


Hurls to go the "Chicken Wing Sling" on Dusty. (thanks to chis64 for coining that term)


Dea did a great job on the slightly bigger & undoubtedly quicker Dangerfield when he was forward last week. Can't think why you'd mess with that.


Plus paddy seems perfect for reiwolt.
Hurls can roam and help out. May throw BJ back a bit to plug a hole too


Ambrose to JR - Zero goals, 100 sooks.
Hurley to Elton - spud, so can zone off.
Dea to Dusty/Caddy when they rotate fwd.


We miss this guy, ■■■■■■ rock down back !


Who would have thought a couple years ago I was slating the guy, now he is our best lock down defender..
Onya Paddy, love what you've become..


Gets better every year and thats what we need


Elton will probably kick 7


It's good news that Ambo may come in for this game.

Wouldn't mind if he had just one hit out beforehand though. Hope he can get back up to speed for it without even a run in the ressies beforehand.


Yeah I think it's still a long shot to be straight back in for Dreamtime. Just sounds like he's progressed quicker than expected so not ruling it out.


Who would have thought that Ambo would have been so integral to our backline 12 months ago? Certainly not BLITZ.

Has really come on as a player. Ambo and Hurls make a formidable pairing down there.

Hope that quad heals soon.


Ambrose is our number 1 lock down key Defender. But I reckon he could also be an elite tagger. He has elite endurance, he's the strongest player at the club, does his job to a tee and hates getting beaten.

Who ever is destroying us, just send Ambrose to them. Regardless of what position they play.


He could be… if we ever used a tagger again.*

*we will not.


Agree, Dea has his confidence back. Now we need Hartley to get his back.