#29 Patrick Ambrose


Or get a new staff writer.


Based on that he stands a good chance of playing 100 games for the club.


10 months ago I would have been all “meh”. But 10 months later I am very, very happy with this. Well done Patdy.


Was seriously at the crossroads 12 months ago and a lot of us felt he was in trouble…has totally re-invented his career, this is well deserved.


*18 months ago.

Paddy was immense last year.


Well done, has deserved it


Richly deserved. Well done Paddy.


Paddy. And that’s according to Woosha. Any Old Xavierian with an Irish name like Patrick Ambrose (from the Gaelic “Pádraig Mac Ambróis”) has to be Paddy.

Patty’s a girl’s name, anyway.


Excellent news :slight_smile:


What a great find from the ammos. He and farkin Crammers from nowhere for nothing.


Chad Sexington


Maybe he thinks that too, and didn’t want to sign so long


Congratulations Paddy, nice to see you relaxed and smiling after having contracts given out a year at a time.

Let’s hope you are an elite attacking/lock down defender when your next contract comes up in 2020, and you have to fight back offers from around the AFL.


And one of the nicest guys to talk to as well. Good on him!


Yeah that’s what I was thinking. All the quotes in the article read a bit “worked” and not very natural.

I’m sure the sentiment is correct though.


Patty Mills says hi



McGrath has lost weight since round 1!*

*That’s the joke


can watch it 10 times and still find it hard to believe… he rams him a good 7-8 meters at lighting pace. like being hit by a freight train


It’s better seeing the after effects