#29 Patrick Ambrose


Well done Paddy Ambrose and another big tick to Essendon player development. As an aside, he always seems a bit taller than his listed height - he really is a huge man up close. I'd have him at 194 - taller than Mick Hurley.

EDIT Listed height is 193 that's probably about right- I thought it was lower.


Yeah he used to be listed as about 180cm, everyone knew he was way taller...

Great to see he has impressed, can't wait to see the finished product.



Paddy gonna get ya



You little beauty!


That's a good point. I wonder who else is giving their side considerable value at a lower price point... don't imagine Heath Grundy is on big money.


Interested to see how well he rounds his game out in terms of adding that attacking side. Pre-injury you could already see him going for the intercept mark more and that's positive. Has some great mentors in Hooker, Hurley and Harvs to guide him to elite level.


Pretty sure his start to last season wasn't immense.


When he arrived he was listed at 191.


Iirc his old VFL listing was 185cm


Lol. Guess we've changed tape measures a few times over the years then!




Better than



Reinjured. Don't hold your breath.



Seems like it will be a 10 week injury - This will be his 6th match injured.


I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Crammers.



Yeah, people who had met him in real life said that he was closer to 193-4cm than whatever the club measurement at any given time said. Which was heartening because he sure as ■■■■ doesn't move like someone in the 180's.