#29 Patrick Ambrose


Ambrose last played on Anzac Day - Will not return until after the bye.


That’s weird, same thing happened to stew when he went from vfl to rookie list.


ambrose out for another six weeks .





They take the conservative route with him, and give the extra week.

And then he does it again pressing for selection at training when finally let loose.

Not good at all.


Send in the top 5 pick


There is a real chance he won’t be back at all this year. It is an injury that can take 10-12 weeks even without re-injuring.


This is bad news for Bruiser, will make it difficult to get back into the senior side in 2017 if we are in finals contention.

It will depend too on how Hartley, Brown, Dea and Gleeson are playing, but if the backline is looking stable and able to launch attacks they may be looking for stability rather than re integrating Ambrose into the side.

Very bad luck, given this was looking like a break out year for him, at least he got his contract.

Getting him right for 2018 may be the focus.




■■■■■■■ quads, always such a tricky injury. Big chance for Hartley.


Sack Crow


How do you strain a quad made of steel?



Jet fuel.


Farken lol






Another 6 weeks, they say at the Club. My Irish erse. He’ll be out for the year, poor bogger.


Brad Hill probably has an Ambrose voodoo doll.


Brad Hill still doesn’t know what hit him.