#29 Patrick Ambrose


Fool. That was LAV.


Wasn't that Dempsey becoming a fire fighter...

on twitter.



Because he rarely loses a 1 on 1 contest and negates the oppositions best forward?


He's one player. Injuries happen.


Completely agree

But you made it sound like he is a spud with your comment, that's all


Our KPD depth really really is in serious trouble right now. . We have 2 AA KPDs one who is playing as a forward. Our 3rd best and 4th best KPDs are injured.

Our season is on the brink and will be for every one of the remaining games until we lose one.

We cannot afford to wait until Ambo comes back, and even when he does, it will need to be via the VFL.


If you think any of the issues the last two weeks were due to our KP defenders, I would be very surprised. Even with Brown and Ambrose unavailable they’ve done fine.


I do think they do have something to do with lack of intensity and aggression which is not something you can fault Ambrose for. If anything he sets the standard. We were crying out for someone to just smash someone on Saturday to get the juices of the rest of the boys up


What I have said is that if either of our kpds are injured there are no depth players available.
But now that you mention it, ability of hartley to take more intercept marks, like 2 to 3 might have saved the game for us.


I still think he should be played as a tagger!


In fairness to the club (briefly) what injuries do take time and are a ■■■■■ to deal with


Scan next Monday, if completely heeled hopefully available next week.


Fingers crossed. He would've been very handy to run with Riewoldt on friday dammit!


God i cant wait for this lad to be back!


this bloke is huge for our chances.


Who goes out for him?

Hartley? Gleeson?

Hard to make the call!!

Is easily best 22 though.


Sure as ■■■■ wont be Gleeson.

Having missed ~12 weeks of footy I'd suggest he's got a couple of weeks in the VFL ahead of him, at least.


A week minimum, no chance of this guy coming straight back in after what happened through the recovery. Especially with Heartly playing well.


It could be a horses for courses type of choice. When playing at his best I would have thought that Ambrose would have been a better opponent for someone like Hipwood from the Lions. He was too mobile for Hartley.


Bags? Kelly and McGrath can play lock down small roles, Gleeson can pinch hint on the smalls and intercept, Conor does his thing. Against a smaller forward line like the tigers bags probably stays and Hartley makes way.

Gleeson had been amazing but do we want him playing on Rory lobbe?

That said there are probably only two forward lines which we could justify paying 3 kpds against, gws and crows. Maybe Sydney if Tippett comes back.

Tricky decision.

Conor, McGrath and Gleeson need to stay imo. They are an integral part of our ball movement. Kelly is the general and obviously you can't leave out hurls. So if Ambrose is to come back it's between the other two lock down players.