#29 Patrick Ambrose


Nobody needs to be dropped from our backline on current form.


Yeah, that's probably true. So do we leave Ambrose in the VFL if fit? I reckon he is a September footballer.


Might push one of the flankers to the wing or bench and play the 3rd genuine tall although that in itself would be a horses for courses selection reserved for the likes of Adelaide, GWS or a full strength St Kilda (who all can play 3 genuine tall forward).


What makes it a tough selection is that Gleeson is playing so well at the moment as that intercept mark defender.


More midfield/wing minutes for McGrath or McKenna?

Having said that, we'll probably need to give Fanta and Walla more midfield minutes to fit Lav in.

And then there's Langa and Fanga...

Nice problem to have i guess.


Hartley played very well on Bruce with 9 marks 100% disposal efficiency, but .that Brown golliwog at north is very mobile and may expose him like Hipwood did.

Anyway I think Ambo will need to fight his way back in through the VFL.

Good as he is at the lockdown role in the AFL, he plays well off half back in the VFL, so he might get that role to get a bit of the ball and get to take a few marks. .


Yeah, only way to fit the 3 talls would be to push one of the flankers further up the ground. In which case one of the wings/HFF probably misses out.

Laverde is competing with Stewart and he's not pushing him out anytime soon IMO. Langford is competing with Myers any evidently he's not pushing him out just yet.

Franga isn't within cooee of selection at the moment IMO. Would be competing with Ambrose for the genuine 3rd tall defensive spot.

Nice problem indeed. It's a novel idea playing depth...


I don't know where he fits to be honest and I don't know if he'll get back in

Not because he's no good, but just because our defensive unit looks so solid right now


There have been good signs that Franga is playing himself back into form and settling down in the backline. He is a genuine beast who is winning one on ones with his power and physicality as well as marking well and is an emerging alternative to any of our intercepting defenders ( like Marty / Hurls /Pops)


Don't disagree with that. Reckon he's best staying there and continuing that form and development (and improvement in his fitness). Break glass in case of emergency selection IMO.


He's got till the Crows game to put his hand up in the VFL. That's the only game I can see where we we may consider changing structure. Otherwise I'd assume he's competing with Hartley.


I guess the most obvious one would be Hartley. But I feel like Hartley fits more with our game style at the moment. He's got a beautiful kick and can create ground ball for Conor/Kelly/Gleeson to run out. I feel like Ambrose kind of works against it as a purely lock down defender which is he awesome (fkn awesome) at but I don't really know where it fits. At the moment.


When fit, replaces Hartley. Some appear to have forgotten he's our best key defender.


I think it's a match up thing. Against certain opposition he plays ahead of Hartley against other opposition we play all of Hartley, Hurley and Ambrose. He has been really good on the big guys but I also believe he can play on a medium type and Hurley is a little more flexible that we thought. He is certainly in our best team, pre Gleeson's great form I would have replaced him but now I think it will be purely a match up consideration.


Bags would be the choice for me but Ambrose must play 2-3 weeks of VFL and play well.


Hartley doesn't deserve to be dropped, and has really improved imo. I hardly think it's as clear cut as you make it.


Good problem to have


Hartley is the incumbent, and he will have to play himself out of the team, or sustain an injury, in order for Paddy to get a look-in. Same goes for Bellchambers, the #1 ruck spot is his unless injury/loss of form intervenes. Been a long time since we've had this amount of depth on the list, the names currently in the VFL are good quality footballers.


As Mentioned earlier there are few teams now with 3 genuine tall forwards. StKilda would have been one but Membrey was out, Adelaide and potentially Sydney are the others. I think he is a must for Adelaide. The issue about whether he replaces Hartley to me doesn't exist. If he played a lock down role as does Hartley what it does is allow Hurley to be even more of an intercept player and quarter back. Hurley would then play on midsize forwards. Question remains who falls out. As good as Hurley has been this year and he has been exceptional his one on one work this year has been a bit off this year. He is getting better and on Friday night I think was his best night for one on one.

Good position to be in.


Some people have short memories. Ambrose is easily in our best team, even with Hartley playing good footy.

Being able to choose between Hurley, Ambrose, Hartley and Brown is a massive luxury, even though that depth has been tested this year. And that's without even considering Francis, Dea, Ridley and of course AA fullback Cale Hooker.