#29 Patrick Ambrose


I think ambrose is the better player compared to hartley. however i think hartley also suits the style of play we're trying to implement better (his kicking, when he chooses to use it, is a real weapon). I don't see ambrose having the capacity to land 60 metre bombs.

but again, hartley has to choose to go for those rather than the safe lateral kicks he seems to favour.




Ambrose was arguably among the top 5 key defenders in the league before his injury. Hartley has been good at times, but on other occasions has been well beaten. I reckon there is daylight between the two of them. Ambrose is an automatic in for mine.


Can you play all three? Probably not


Certain games you can, and probably should.
Not sure if he'd be ready, but the Carlton game might be a good one to try it.
Hartley and Ambrose to play on Caz and Curnow.
Hurley then gets freed up to play on Silvagni (?).

Rest Kelly for this game.

We'll definitely need all of them against the Crows the following week !


I reckon you could play three key defenders if two of them were Hurley and Brown, but I wouldn't play both Ambrose and Hartley.


Ambrose is a must, his physicality is a huge weapon. He genuinely hurts the opposition, but he wasn't in the team because he's a thug, he was our best backman before he got injured.


Hartley was well beaten in the Brissie game IMO. Doesn't like playing on Hipwood!


I think there are going to be a lot of players who won't like playing on him. A big combination of height, mobility and athleticism means when he's on, and the midfield supplies him, I doubt anyone will be able to stop him. A very impressive young forward.

That all said, Hartley does need to concentrate more on the ball and less on his man. Half the time he gets beaten that is the reason, whereas when he watches the ball he's a pretty good judge to intercept.


Ambrose hasn't played for what 11 odd weeks ?
He isn't an automatic anything.

And man a 4-5 weeks period of decent footy has never been as hyped up around here as this has been.
Hell it puts the gumby and johns exaggerations to shame.


Thank God someone said it. Thought I was going to have to be "that guy" again.


5 weeks and a fair chunk of last year.


He was pretty good towards the end of last season too

But yeah I'd give him a run in the seconds before putting him in the firsts
11 weeks is a long time out


It's not even a question. He plays VFL if only because he won't be playing a whole game. I'd say he plays half to 3/4 this week, a whole game next week then senior selection if the form is there


Yep - there's a bit of JoeDan about him.


Neither did Hurley for the six minutes he spent on him, who conceded two marks and two goals.


No-one is suggesting that he comes straight back in after a half season double quad injury. Don't create imaginary positions to argue against.


A fit Ambrose is in our top 10 players and in his last 15 matches he would have kept the games best fwds to under a goal a game. Gun.

I actually think you play all 3 big guys down back and agree with the poster that Hartley and Ambrose are tough to play in the same side. But what we need to do is dial up Hartleys creativity 10% because he is playing more offensively on the number 1 fwd now than he was at times earlier in the year on the number 2 fwds.

Who does he replace??? Tough question.

I don't think it's like for like. I think you shift the magnets. A midfielder or fwd comes out of the side and Kelly / Gleeson rotate on a wing / half back. Perhaps Trav Colyer spends more time fwd and thus Green comes out....


I'd argue he is not top 10 and our midfield is the weakest part of our list. Taking a midfielder out is the last thing you would do.
Barring injury Ambrose and Hartley are competing for the same spot. I'd suggest at full fitness Ambrose gets the nod.


hurley is never going forward again. let it go.