#29 Patrick Ambrose


I wasn’t saying… I mean, it’s not that…

Shut up.

Edit: kicked a nice goal on the weekend… Just sayin


remember, persistence beats resistance.


He’ll come back into the side pretty quickly. Every coach he has ever played for has loved him, and I cannot see Worsfold being any different.

Of course they’ll bring him back through the VFL.

All we’ll see is Hurley modify his role.


Please bring Ambrose back through the two’s. If he is good enough he will work his way toward selection.


Paddy Ram bro’s


Sshh, Sshh, don’t mention the war, it doesn’t fit the narrative


Fit and available for a full match.


Straight back in please. Was easily out best defender in the first month.


What a wonderful problem to have. Needs to play 2 games in the VFL before we have to decide. Two weeks is a long time in footy.

" Selection pressure" means everyone is on notice.


Not sure if you read the article but Justin Crow said he is ready to play a full game due to the mountain of work he has done. He could just be referring to VFL and he could just be trolling like they did with Begley, but if he does come straight into the ones then we can’t say we weren’t given notice.


And with the Tin Rattlers on the Tank express, … if they thought he was close to fit enough for seniors and wanted to get him in and up to speed asap, … then …


Whooa! Slow down there speed racer, hasn’t played for over 10 weeks. A game or 2 in the seconds won’t do any harm


Surely needs some VFL time to get touch and match hardened.

I’m sure they wouldn’t really consider this even if he was fit (rotations would muck this up), but if you wanted someone who had the attributes to run with Bont…


How many talls norf play?


Careful. That seems like the same sort of thinking that causes us to get rolled by cellar dwellers time after time. Resting players, bringing in underdone players, lairising, etc.


And there is some serious selection pressure.

Any player has a shocker and there are guys waiting to take that chance. So close to finals and players are going to become desperate. Especially is we win the next 3.

Guys in the AFL will play out of their skins through fear of being dropped and guys in the VFL will be running crazy trying to be the first in selected.


If he doesn’t play put him behind the opposition interchange bench just so he can glare at them.


He hasn’t played for what, 10 or so weeks?

It’d be madness to bring in a bloke straight away off a quad that he’s done twice into the seniors. Vfl please


Did I hear Harves say Ambo was our best ( defensive) defender ?

Based on that, once Ambo shows he has his “touch” back he will be brought back into the side


Will he be dropped if he plays too defensively like Hartley was?

Or was Hartley’s dropping more because we want him to attack and when he does he’s pretty good at it? I’m sort of confused where Ambrose’s role is if we want our defenders to be more on the attack.