#29 Patrick Ambrose


Surely Ambrose at least play one game in the VFL before coming back into the side.


Yes, good point. The same mandate from Harvey, to become more attacking applies to Ambrose as well. Imo, the decision is more difficult, because Hartley has improved, and is going for his marks, particularly when his opponent takes him further up the ground, or we are pressing.


He’ll play at least 2 VFL games before being considered.


If Ambrose comes into the side -as a defender - who gets dropped ??

Glesson played arguably his best game for the club against St Kilda - Hurley / Bags/ McKenna / Kelly all stay -

Hartley takes the lock down defender role. Would Ambrose take Hartley role or bench role (possibly Myers spot)


As much as I like Ambrose surely he wouldn’t come straight in. They’d want at least 1 or 2 games in the VFL for him to get his touch back.


Amazing that Hartley started bringing his 50 metre 1.5 metre off the ground passes into games finally when the guy who’s spot is holding is coming back from injury. Will replace Harts though, better lockdown, doesn’t offer as much on the rebound, but we’d have less Hipwood incidents, as Hipwood would be getting dug out of the turf rather than wheeling on to kick goal


Yeah given Hartley is in pretty decent form you’d want Ambrose to string a couple of great games at VFL before rushing him back in.


Some poor VFL forward is going to have a miserable time.


Not necessarily. Some guys like having women in high heel shoes walk on their tackle. Maybe that dude likes being hammered into the floor, and having zero points to show for it.


Too much info, brah


Or not enough?


Talking about the return of Ambrose after injury, Justin Crow said: “He got hit in the nose early in the game which was a good re-introduction to football, but we expect Pat to train well this week and be available for selection.”
I can think of many better re-introductions to footy than that…


I reckon it’s plenty, and even in this time of uber judgement, consenting adults should be stilletto do what ever floats their boat.


Could be worse.
Kid I coached in juniors busted 3 ribs in his comeback game from an ACL, then got knocked out next game before copping a boot between the legs the game after that and having to leave the field lol


Won’t be long now…


You’re talking about a friend, right?


You think pirate has high heels, and hair like a, well, pirate?


my eyes are bleeding…


Any reports about how Ambrose played for VFL last Sunday?


According to the club match report:
“Patrick Ambrose continued his return to football, in an impressive four-quarter performance in the back line. He finished with 11 disposals, five marks and one tackle and now has two full games under his belt.”