#29 Patrick Ambrose


I think it’s fantastic that Paddy can be labelled as ‘impressive’ and have ‘11 disposals’ all in the same report. I hope to see this guy back soon as we have certainly missed him.


Must come in to play on Tex, Hartley is no where near as strong or has the tank to go with Tex.
I’d bring Patty in this week and let him play on Casboult.


Agree, bring him in this week even if he is slightly underdone. Needs a week in the ones before he takes on Tex.


Ah yes. Let’s get him nice and Essingtoned before he takes on Tex. I’d be more inclined to bring him in against Adelaide.fresh, breathing fire, and ready to nullify.


Yep, give him a run before the crows as he’ll certainly be needed


Should have been in last week.ust come in this week.


Had a nightmare today. I thought he was a poor selection given the opposition. Will have better match ups next week


Who was he on?


Mustn’t have been near his man then; unlike Hartley I don’t recall him repeatedly being beaten one-on-one.


Correct - manned up on Curnow who didn’t mark until Ambrose was on the bench in Q1 and Hurley simply spectated Curnow take a big pack mark.

Whoever Ambrose was on didn’t really touch the ball which is what normally happens.

He will be better for the run.

Thank God he is back because Hurley again was diabolical in the air in 1:1 contest spectating firstly Curnow and then Silvagni in Q1 take overhead marks from high, slow balls.


Thought he was solid.

Especially for a first game back.


Yeah I thought he was good


The guy just doesnt get beaten one on one


Hes instructions are very clear and he does the job well but hes not very damaging, theres only room in the side for one of hartley and ambrose.
Neither will be in essendons next premiership team and they aint allow.


Was a good first up match after such a long lay off.

Will be better for it.

And, i’d rather he blow out the cobwebs against Carlton’s forward line than Adelaides…


Hardly had a nightmare. WTF??

Good to get that one under the belt and blow the cobwebs out.

Hopefully gets pretty close to full Ambrose next week.


He keeps Tex quiet next week, we kick straight and we win.


Great to see you back early, Paddy ! Hope you give Tex a real bath next week. Drown the fugger.


What a misinformed post - He played on Curnow who for a second year player has been flying for the last 4 weeks - Curnow had no influence on the game - It’s no secret that Curnow featured in few marking contests.


I thought Curnow was quite dominant with few opportunities. I was at the game and watched it after as well.