#29 Patrick Ambrose


Few opportunities?
Carlton had 51 inside 50s.


Does not mean he was near the destination.


Does that not suggest that Ambrose was doing a fine job then in keeping his opponent away from the ball?


Maybe if he was holding him captive? Not sure if you watched the game? Their forward entries were pretty poor for the most part. As were ours.


Lock down defender’s opponent has quiet game - hardly indicates that Ambrose had a nightmare!


No where near a nightmare but he did look of the pace and a bit lost at times.
As with Lav i think we would have been better served letting him work up a bit more match fitness and form in the 2’s but he was servicable and will (should) only get better with more games


No magoos this week so I think they were right to bring him in. They need him if we are to have a show at the finals.


Good one. The only thing that would have been better with your ‘not sure if I watched the game’
crack was if you managed to call me ‘Champ’

If you think Curnow with a 12 possession game and one goal is ‘quite dominant’ then fair play to you. I think you are off the mark though

For me, Ambrose did what Ambrose mostly does in the backline, and even allowing for the fact that he should be better for the run in the coming weeks, I am pretty content with any defender only conceding one goal to his opponent.


Dominant in contests champ! Ambrose was lost in contests frequently.


was ok. had to be picked with next week in mind.


Looked underdone but that is very understandable after so long out.

We got away with giving him a warmup at less than full ability, so (for once) kudos to the selectors.


Insert 16 players names in here and put in their individual threads


I’m really liking Ambrose back in the team. Apart from perhaps Baguley, he seems to move quickest towards body contact, particularly in the air. I reckon he loves it. I think it makes the team stronger through his example.


Gotten better every week too.

Based on what I saw last week, should be real close to pre injury form this week, … if not next.


Cale said that Ambrose nick name is CROSSFIT, because he is so fit


Ambo named at chb, but being a rebound defender is not normally his role. I suspect the rebound role normally taken by HUrls will need to be mainly undertaken by BJ Baggers and Kel.

It will be interestimg to see how much, if any rebound we get from Ambo and that will tell us a bit more about where he is at, and where the coaches see him as being at.


Not sure he did a lot else but when he shoved that bloke over in the middle was great.

He does run into people a lot.


He loves to tackle. Bless him.


Need a lot more of that. Not just the tackles, but making sure the bloke knows h got rambosed.


Thought he had a real impact spoiling all the way up into the centre square, I got a bit nervous thinking “whose locking down your man?” but he was great.
Got a big wrap from Hooker and TBC for being the fittest player, most likely to be on Aussie Ninja etc, apparently he’s just the best at everything, which is great to have around the club.