#29 Patrick Ambrose


According to the tracker on the AFL live app, he covered the most ground of any player from either team with 15.8km. Hepp our only other player in the top 5 with 14.6


Working his way into form. Still some way to go. Great to have him back.


Love me dem 7 possies 10 blokes Paddy caked out games, we’ve lacked that sort of non baguely esque legal agro around the ground


The players walk taller with this machine on the field.


They’re not even trying anYmore


NLM’s birthday?


Want him to farking suffocate and outmuscle whoever he plays on next Sat.

If he succeeds and we win- will have a place in my heart for keeps.

In a long season, he should be fit n firing.

Smash em Ambo


He could v well be the difference between us winning our 1st final in an eternity and going home… how well he keeps Buddy at bay…


Too slow for buddy today, and apart from having a big body and good endurance doesn’t offer much. Should be playing vfl next year.


Dont agree.

Paddy was horrible today.

But he is typically a very very reliable defender. Panicked a bit today under the high ball.

He usually isn’t too slow either but Buddy’s pace is ridiculous for a guy his size.


I don’t disagree he had a poor game but I think this guy is definitely AFL standard.

He just wasn’t given a chance by being given ■■■■■ matchups all day by the coaching staff.

He puts in effort and doesn’t fall over match sticks which is a serious improvement over a lot of our other defenders.


ambrose was ■■■■ but any defender would have been with the lack of pressure applied by our midfield. Hes had a pretty good season overall


Got absolutely destroyed today. But is still our best defender by a mile(with hooker now a forward).

I have no worries about him long term. None


Just based on the intraclub, I think there is some chance Ambrose might have taken his game to another level.

Saw some good disposal, and some pretty good marks.

Add that to his tank, discipline, and ability to physically hurt the opposition, and this guy becomes a pretty important piece of the puzzle.


Was pants’ed today


His tackle on Brad Hill years ago is a thing of beauty


Just not sure he’s ever going to be a reliable shut down defender particularly on the bigger forwards. I’m never confident when he’s in a 1 on 1 that he can break even let alone win the ball & clear. He looks undersized & outclassed so gives away a lot of frees.


He struggles on guys with real big body one on one strength but is a gun against the likes of Reiwoldt and Tom lynch.


I think Ambrose and Hartley when both at their best are a decent key defender combination, because you can get both of them an all right matchup most games. Ambrose on his own is going to get some bad matchups as the number one defender if we continue with Hurley as a break glass in case of emergency key defender.

I know back in the day Worsfold made do with Darren Glass plus whoever else wandered by, but still.


Harts at his best was a great compliment to Ambrose. We really need a very big bloke down back, I hope Harts can find his mojo.

If not, we are light on for a tall defender for mine.