#29 Patrick Ambrose


My worry is Ambrose played the same way he has for the last 2 games - That is bodying an opponent, blocking his opponent and restricting his opponent from getting his arms up to mark the ball - They were the softest of free kicks and one worries if this trend continues.


I’d like to see Ambrose trialled as a tagger.

I think he is the perfect player to go to a Kennedy or Martin.

He has the aerobic capacity to go with any midfielder. He won’t be bumped off or pushed off the ball. He hangs onto his tackles.

The only issue is he will get around 5 disposals a game, which is not like that isn’t happening already.

I’d just like to see how it would play out.


God no. He might be able to run for miles but he’s got terrible agility


I’ve been saying that (to ridicule) for a while now.


People seem unable to let this idea go, despite all his flaws that would be exposed as a midfielder and the fact that he’s played his best football as a defender (which he’s still really finding his feet as)


He struggles for game sense as a defender as is. Would be completely lost in midfield.


We have to take Ambrose for what he is, and that is a very very good one on one and aerobic defender against the right opponent.

He is not suited to playing guys like Hawkins and Lynch etc, but how many defenders are?

He is best 22, and there is a match up for him in almost every team. I would have had him against Menzel before Hawkins on the weekend for eg.

Same goes for Hurley - he can’t match it with the big gorillas, and that is ok. That’s why Hartley needs to be in the team.


It’s a pity Hartley is completely average. He’s the exact size defender we need to be good though


This is a bit out of the box, but perhaps one of our forwards could go back, maybe Daniher, Stewart or Hooker…but I doubt any of them would make a good fullback…shame really!


Gee Hartley has gone from chocolates to boiled lollies around here. Cant say I ever thought he was the new Matt Scarlett but he was ok at getting a fist in (didnt he lead the AFL in some kind of stat on this at one stage?)

What was the moment when he became garbage in everyones eyes? Did he get a few bags kicked on him? Buddy did I think?

We might be going a bit hard on him. I thought he was still serviceable?


It’s not the Hartley thread but, no it wasn’t about someone having a good game on him and we all suddenly thought he was rubbish.
He pretty much got worse with every game last year.
Grabbed a handful of jumper at every contest and was really lucky he didn’t get pinged for it more.

It’s a shame because he was amazing in '16.


I personally don’t reckon Hartley has been the same since he got his face caved in two weeks in a row, at the end of 2016.

I reckon that (understandably) shook his confidence.

He used to attack the ball in the air more, now he spends too much time trying to scrag and wrestle with opponents, which leads to free kicks.

Hartley has substantially more upside than Ambrose imo, but whether or not he ever fully realises that, is anybody’s guess.

Big year for both of them.


I reckon the thing that affects Hartley’s confidence the most is having a secure spot in the team. In 2016 he was basically guaranteed a game every week. In 2017 he played his best footy when Ambrose was out injured and he knew he had a spot for an extended period. Once Ambrose got close to coming back, he dropped off


Hartley’s problem is his development stalled.

Although he underperformed in 2017 he was still effectively the same player he was in 2016. It was when he was asked to expand his game that the cracks started to appear.

We cant afford to carry to many one dimensional players in the backline so for him to retain his spot he’s going to need to keep developing his game.

He’s in that game and age range where we should see significant improvement so now it is up to Hartley.


The playing from behind and backing in the punch he’s relied on gets found out when opposition midfield allowed to stream forward and hit up leading targets. Which our poor pressuring midfield has allowed too often.

In saying that means he has to stop playing from behind, and at the very least play shoulder to shoulder & pre-empt where ball will be going but preferably in front.

Like Ambrose I just don’t think he reads the play quickly enough to do so and gets done over by his opponent.

Even though Brown is no where as physically big as Hartley I get the feeling they will go to him more often so long as he fit enough to do so. He is a very smart player & provides far more attacking drive / intercepting. Plus can be switched with Hooker in game if needed.


I liked Browns for last year before he got injured.

He’s far more proactive as a defender which I think Woosha will like.


Definitely reads play better than Hartley or Ambrose and is also very mobile.


Hasn’t lived up to my expectations. 0 Brownlows.


Decent chance for a Liston, though.


I honestly cant really remember much of 2016 now but yes he was ok.

Maybe it is just confidence as Peos and Aboods say . The guy has the frame and tools so I hope he can rediscover some confidence.and mojo.