#29 Patrick Ambrose


I dont think that will happen.

But maybe the coaches will take a horses for course approach.

Play Hartley on the monster Power forwards, and Ambrose on the gazelle running endurance based tall forwards. If there is not a suitable matchup leave them in the VFL.


Personally I blame Carlisle for this predicament.


Can’t help but think how different it might be if Hooker was the first key defender we tried up forward instead of the last. Ah well.


Hahaha… as if Hooker will be the last.


Broken scaphoid… bone under the thumb.

Out for 2-4 weeks.

WTF is happening down there?


They’re playing a contact sport.


Hooker has to play back now…we need a tight defense against Adelaide.


Hooker back.

Stringer CHF. Do It.


The swear jar is getting quite full.


2 weeks is very optimistic for scaphoid given poor blood flow which impacts healing - I think more like 4-6 personally hope I’m wrong.


isnt the scaphoid the same injury that hurley always got? his was never a 2-4 week injury, had his hand in bandages for yonks


bags hartley hurley

saad hooker mckenna

zaka hepp mcg

tippa jd stringer

goddard stewart begley

belly zerrett smith

redman smack mcniece myers

assuming parish ambrose fanta mutch ridley out inj.


I hope it’s not one of those years, injuries pulling up already.


Fark…perfect match up for Lynch



It depends on the size of the break. The problem with the scaphoid is that the blood vessels don’t run fully through the bone like they do in other bones. If the break severs the blood vessel then it’s very possible for the other side of the break to have no blood-flow and then turn necrotic. I fractured the scaphoid in my left wrist snowboarding in Canada many years ago and was fortunate for it to be a small break that didn’t affect the blood flow to the bone. It still took six weeks in a cast for it to heal, so I agree that 2 weeks is very optimistic. It’s also the exact type of injury that you don’t want for someone who is very reliant on punching the ball away from opponents.


Exactly…would’ve run with Lynch perfectly

Farken hell


Is Brown any chance?

Otherwise Hooker to CHB?


No dramas. Scaphoid bone isn’t that serious and probably won’t have any medium or long term problems…


AFL website said Brown is not ready to play yet.


This is informative. Interesting the screw is required. At best it would seem 6 weeks in a cast. Plus maybe 2 weeks in the VFL= Round 8