#29 Patrick Ambrose


When I did mine, the doctor at the hospital took one look at me and said “snowboarder?”. Apparently a very common injury for snowboarding as it happens when you fall forward and put your hands out to brace yourself as you land. If the angle is just so - crack. Also happens a lot for older folks when they trip and fall forward. I didn’t need surgery luckily, but it’s a bugger of an injury.

Then again, I don’t have superpowers like Patrick Ambrose, so he might be ok sooner than I was.


■■■■■■■ hell

So now

Colyer - 6 more weeks
Laverde - 6
Brown - 2
Fantasia - 2
Ambrose - 6
Francis - whenevers
Mutch - 4
Gleeson - 10


Wtf. Did you just make that up?


Where did you pull that from? Your ■■■■?


No way he’s back in 2 with a scaphoid. I’d say 6-8 mínimum. Bugger.


Parish, Myers?


Few injuries! No more or less than any other team.

Great test of our character and depth.

Bring the season on!


Parish is training today. No sign of Myers.


My prediction


“Every injury is different, but Carlton’s Jarrod Pickett is expected to be sidelined for up to three months after he fractured his scaphoid at training last week.” - http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-03-20/new-injury-sees-dons-defence-woes-worsen

Especially when they’re saying 12 for Pickett.


This sucks


Every problem is just an opportunity in disguise, and this is just the opportunity that um checks notes, looks at crossed off names, checks notes again, mutters “that can’t be a real name”, shrugs Zerk-Thatcher has been waiting for.



I am just about over this season already and it hasn’t even started yet!


Langford to fullback…


I blame John Quinn


Hartley is the luckiest footy player going around. continues to get games because of injuries.


I didn’t know Hartley was a footy


We are ■■■■■■ our backline is going leak goals


I’d settle for a leak at this stage. It’s the raging torrent that I’m concerned about.


as opposed to say last year… when it was water tight…