#29 Patrick Ambrose


Training injuries suck, but it’s a fair indication of how hard Essendon players (and opposition players) are training at the moment. Good signs, I say.


Of course you didn’t, but now that yaco has told you there is no excuse!


Cant they just weld his wrist up so he will be right on the weekend?


Doesn’t he just repair himself, terminator style?


Just as injury prone as Myers…


Injured his qaud twice and now has broken his wrist

Been unlucky.


jeez, I’ve heard of looking for silver lining before but to say this is a good sign is a stretch.

would hate to know what you consider to be a slight disappointment




Yep, his durability is a huge issue. He’s pretty injury prone


What’s a bloke even need a wrist for FFS.

Oh. Err, carry on.


How is it a stretch? To me, it is a fairly easy conclusion (albeit, a presumption) to draw upon. Particularly if you consider Justin Crows comments. He fell on his outstretched hand - presumably - this could be because he was trying to make a tackle. That, to me, could be representative of the effort provided at training.

I reckon, a slight disappointment would be losing Round 1.


Losing to Adelaide would be a massive disappointment. If we want to be a good team, these are games we should be winning

Our draw to start the season is brutal. We are at home, very winnable game. If we rock up to the game with the right attitude- ready to apply pressure all over the ground. We can beat them.

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That’s OK
You’re not the first bloke called Robbo writing about footy to completely miss the topic.




We need this guy back. Saw him at the VFL game with a tiny adhesive strip on the back of his hand. My son had a scaphoid fracture and was in plaster for 6 weeks all up. The screw is a major improvement in treatment for this injury and hopefully reduces healing time significantly.


mate ambrose wont improve us one farking iota


He would

But it still wouldn’t turn our back 6 into a premiership defence


Love your work Chris on injuries and treatment. Also agree he is critical. Do a premature Doc Larkins and give us a possible return match. Come on be speculative not professional just this time.


Prognosis for scaphoid depends on where the fracture is.
Closer to the thumb the better the blood flow and the much quicker recovery time.
Guy I play footy with is pretty much f*cked going forwards as he broke it nearer the wrist and didn’t have it treated properly.


Watching Brown scuttle about makes me want Ambrose and Gleeson even more.