#29 Patrick Ambrose


How many week knock to knee?


Ambrose got an infection in the op site.
Was to see the surgeon late last week.
This has restricted his fitness training, so unfortunately a delay.
I’d guess at 4 - 6 weeks from now, but await Tuesday’s update


Available for selection if he can get through training this week.


So Irish goes out for a bite but Paddy comes in


Probably should be given 1-2 extra weeks to be conservative and should come in through the VFL . But I suppose we will strap up his wrist and roll the dice. I don’t suppose our defence could get any worse?


Remember the days when he was the most maligned on this board?



He’s 100% someone who would need a game or two in the VFL to get his touch back.


Surely we wouldn’t be rushing Ambrose straight back in, would we?


If he’s passed fit to play he’s fit to play, the wrist will be fine. Regaining touch and form is another thing and on that alone you’d think he needs a week or two in the 2’s.


Must come back through the VFL to regain match fitness and touch.


just like myers.


I think Ambrose is super important as he can lock down some quality forwards. Agree he needs a week in the 2s but I worry that he will come straight back as it will enable Hooker to stay forward. The 3 tall forward structure with Hooker worked well last year and in Round 1 so Woosha will probably stick with it. But given the forward pressure from that structure/those 6 players is poor it may not be the longer term solution.


if he comes straight in regardless of if he plays well, does the selection committee never learn? give people that are injured some time in the vfl to ■■■■■■■ prove their fit enough and confident enough to ■■■■■■■ play.


Our 3 talls is ok when we have the ball, but horrible for the 60-70% of the match we don’t.


Gut feel is that Ambrose won’t be selected. And that McNiece will. Hartley will more than likely have to be selected over Brown, given Port’s lineup.


Ambrose really should be given a week to get touch in 2’s. If they hold on Hooker move I’d think probably both Harts (Dixon) and Brown (Marshall) will be needed.

Hurley can play on Watts


Not sure that’d be a great match up would it? Watts will play higher up the ground and try to drag Hurley away from D50. And his foot skills are such that if he gets a bit of it 70-80m from goal he can really hurt you so has to be respected.


Well it’s either Hurley or Brown to Watts. Someone is going to be taken out of defensive 50, perhaps Brown set that task then

Unless they do roll dice on Ambrose


They wouldn’t roll the dice on Ambrose would they?

Surely not.

Only the stars should be brought straight back in as per Fantasia last week. Everyone else should be made to come back through the twos.


Can Ambo roll dice yet is the question …