#29 Patrick Ambrose


If Ambrose is seen as best 22 by the coaches then surely he comes straight in if ready.

He’s had a hand injury. He’s been able to keep his running and fitness up.

The only thing he has to prove is whether he can handle a football and is match ready. And you know what? That’s exactly what “getting through training” means.


Ambrose is closing in on 12 months since he’s had any sort of form.

He didn’t come back well at all last year after the injury, which is fine, plenty guys struggle after a long lay off.

But he looked scratchy in the pre season as well.

He needs to build back up to early 2017 form, and our senior backline atm isn’t the place to do that.


He wasn’t able to run due to infection of the break


DON’T put him on Watts if he comes in.
Watts is extremely quick in the first 20m, Ambrose won’t get near him.


Hooker on Dixon please


We sure as hell don’t need more fumbling and poor ball handling


Been out too long and needs to come through the VFL. Has to show he can handle the ball, by hand and by foot, under match conditions. Where he has to compete against players he doesn’t know. Where he gets good and bad disposal from his teammates. It’s not just whether he is physically ok, but also mentally with his decision making.


Might be a longer wait for an AFL return for Patrick Ambrose. Cited for a dangerous tackle in the VFL last week and hit with a two-week ban. Can accept one-week with an early plea.




Take the early plea and line yourself up to belt some Demons.


Was just thinking that - handy to have fresh legs for the Dees game.


If he takes early plea and misses the VFL game this weekend, can he play Anzac Day?


Dees was the likely plan, … but w/out playing until then, maybe not now.


Surely it’s round related over game itself


Ha, very good question…??


Doubt it…it’d be all considered the one round.


Patrick Bannedbrose


Yeah, quickly realised A Day as part of the suspended round would be nixed.


I don’t see the need for him to be brought straight back in anyway. When was the last time he was in any form?


On the weekend ?