#29 Patrick Ambrose


How about AFL form? Mckernan and Merrett normally are okay in the vfl too

Ambrose hasn’t shown any consistent, decent form for a long time. Injury and bad form have plagued him since the start of 2017


It seems the coaches love his work rate, aggression and capacity to keep step with the aerobic forwards of the comp but he is limited in terms of height, rebound and usually gets monstered by the power forwards. I’m not convinced he improves the team when playing but you can be sure when fit, he’ll be one of the first picked.


If Hooker remains back then its a fight between Hartley and Ambrose for the final spot in the backline.

Competition between the two can only be a good thing for the side.


Not the end of the world, he will be a good addition for the Dees game when we need to turnover the tired players. He would be a good matchup for Hogan IMO, one of the few defenders that could follow him everywhere.


…obviously Ambrose to the midfield then.


Langford doesn’t like


Patrick Ambrose – Essendon

AFL Victoria’s Match Review Panel charged player Ambrose for engaging in rough conduct (dangerous tackle) against Williamstown player Adam Marcon during the second quarter of the VFL Round 2 match between Williamstown and Essendon on Saturday 14th April 2018 at Williamstown Football Ground.

Based on the available video and medical report, the incident was assessed as careless conduct with medium impact and high contact. The incident was classified as a two match base sanction. The player has no applicable record which impacted the penalty. An early guilty plea enables the player to accept a one match sanction.

Outcome – accepted one match sanction


They are very different players. Horses for courses I reckon.


I agree but we don’t really adopt that flexibility at our club.

We have generally stuck to the same setups even when there are very obvious structural differences.

Maybe this swap of Hooker back to the backline may bring about more flexibility. Who knows.


True. And if that is the case I think Ambrose would be the default setting. I know they are keen to get him back


Harvey likes him.


So does Woosha




I don’t think there’s been a coach who isn’t a fan of Ambrose. He’s the sort of player coaches love


Agree. Has been very ordinary for a fair while and don’t think has the runs on the board previously to demand a spot straight back in


If he spends too much more time out of the seniors there’ll be Courtney Johns levels of hype to get him back in.


I don’t get the love for Ambrose, whilst he has done some pretty good jobs on occasion he isn’t anywhere near a star backman like he is made out to be. I like Hurley/Hartley/Hooker. Ambrose needs to build up some form in the reserves before or Hartley needs to get toweled up imo


GG, thats going to be too tall for about half the clubs, who are moving to 1 or 2 tall forwards and 5-4 medium small fast, agile and mobile forwards. Its becoming more a question of when Francis, Ridley and Zerk Thatcher start playing in the AFL. If Francis was available and playing OK, the Hartley/Ambrose debate might be over, and Ridley is getting close to being ready.


If Hooker stays back I think it’s a pretty simple solution.

Hooker and Hurley always play.

We use Hartley or Ambrose as a lockdown defender. Which one depends on the opposition. There might even be the occasional game where we decide we don’t need either of them.

Brown only plays if Hooker or Hurley is out.


Intercepter/Spoiler/Negating Terminator

Very different beasts.