#29 Patrick Ambrose


Done for the year.

“Pat Ambrose has a hamstring strain and the tendon is impacted, but it will not require surgery,” Physical Performance Manager Justin Crow said on Monday.

“Early estimations suggest this is a 10-week injury.”


See ya


Stinger also done will miss a month with a calf strain

Season trully done and dusted now


Jesus 10 weeks, that’s a fair old hammy. For a cyborg he is pretty delicate.


Was playing very well until he got injured. And his reaction said it all. He was gutted.



how can it not need surgery when the tendon was impacted?


Well that would depend on what the impact was would it not?


I’d imagine the tendon is still attached.
There is such thing as a partial tendon tear lol


What was his last soft tissue? Calf? Might as well cotton wool him for preseason.

Talks of delisting are childish


In 2019 Ambrose should be no more than reserve depth (when fit).


Agreed. Depth and/or horses for courses.


Surgery will only be needed in March '19
It’s the way we roll.


Concur. Absolutely sick of our players being mismanaged.


All need to be iced for the year. Time to get these blokes hardened and to make changes if needed.

For different reasons I would also ice Smith Tbc Stringer and Gleeson.

Season is done. Play the kids.


Can’t wait until feb 2019 when ambrose he has been on a rehab program for 6 months that hasn’t resolved the issue so they opt for surgery and we expext him to be avaikable after the bye


Oh wait, wrong thread.




Don’t even joke about that




gone for 10 weeks. had a retched run this year.