#29 Patrick Ambrose



doesn’t agree with this…


It’s Smythy, what do you expect.
Leoperds, spots, etc


Just ran into Ambo on Smith st, what a farkn unit!
Said he’s trackin beautifully re injury. Had a nice holiday glow about him too


With the emergence of dominant mid-sized forwards, Ambrose’s value will hopefully come to the fore.


Spotted at Sth Melbourne Market Saturday morning eating ( steamed ) dim sims


He got pregnant on holidays!?!?


He steamed them with the threat of a side bump.


Smith St you say…


Yeh the bois


I hope they make him into a serious tagger.


He plays like that as a defender. Tagging midfielders would require a total change of game plan by Worsfold, and if he did introduce it, Clarke would be the player he would select to play as a tagger imo.


■■■■■■ hard to fit them all in but Ambrose is the perfect type to shut down the Caddy’s and DeGoeys who are becoming more important.


When he’s not playing we all miss him, when he’s not he’s the first one we want dropped.


For me, Ambrose is not someone that figures readily in my mix of who I think about. Just doesn’t scream “lock in best 22 or thereabouts”.


He’s a lock in someone’s best 22. Just not ours.
I’d trade him, we would not miss him at all, it’d be better for the longevity of his career, and we could possibly get back in to 3rd round of the draft.
Won’t happen though.


he’s the modern day dean wallis

will one day star in a grand final

just needs to stop getting injured


Can’t wait


Pretty much all of the coaches have disagreed with that though.

I agree with the concept, and when I think about the team add is select it. He’s not really in the thoughts. But given the way all of his coaches have thought of him, if he’s playing 2s next year I reckon it will be a sign that we’re going very very well.


It will be very interesting to see what they do if we have a patch next year when him, Hooker, Hurley and Francis are all fit.
I’ve made it clear I don’t want Hurley being a distributor in the backline. He needs to go back to playing a more defensive role. This would seemingly make Ambrose redundant, because I don’t think we should be playing all 4 of those guys.
But I guess we’ll see.


Ambrose has never had Francis to contend with though so based on his progression and assuming we keep Hooker back.

It’s really Hurley vs Ambrose which Hurls wins.