#29 Patrick Ambrose


I agree. But it could be:

Play Hurls as the lockdown defender and Francis as 3rd tall (and be offensive)


Play Ambrose as lockdown defender and Hurley as 3rd tall (and be offensive).

I’d really prefer the former, but it wouldn’t be surprise me if they go with the latter.
I hope Francis tears up the training track to make it a no-brainer

Edit: There is an outside chance they play them all against some opponents.
Plus an outside chance that Hooker goes forward again, but I’d prefer to take the chances with Smack, Brown, Stewart


I don’t think anyone ever wants to see zone off, distributing Michael Hurley again. I hope he can get back to being a true defensive KPD but I certainly have doubts. If he doesn’t improve on last years outout, Ambrose may get his spot next year.


You’re forgetting that Francis is the explosive big bodied mid that we’ve been looking for…


But who will play Goddard’s role?

If Gleeson/Ridley replaces Goddard, then no space for Paddy (except in case of injury).

But if Francis replaces Goddard, then potentially still space for Paddy in best 22. He’s still a better lockdown than Gleeson/Ridley.


Doubt Francis will ever replace Goddard. Simply does not have the running capacity nor will ever.

Redman it is IMO

Francis will be a 3rd tall defender or potentially in time one of the back two kpd’rs (once Hurls done)


Saad - Hooker - Francis
Gleeson - Hurley - McKenna

We’ve also got Heppell that could rotate through the backline so it’ll be interesting to see whether we play another “true” defender as part of a rotation or use versatile midfielders instead.