2x Medallion club tickets $40 for both

Got 2 spare printed out ticket for tomorrow’s game on Level two

$40 pm if keen :wink:

Hey Guys my old man cancelled now, so I have two spare medallion club tix on level two.

Will do 2 x $40

These tickets I already have in hand so would meet you outside gate before hand.

Do I have to sit with you?


Yes but you can have them for $80 if you don’t want me to speak to you


I was worried you wouldn’t want to sit with me.

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If this ur crazy way of bargaining, it’s working

$40 for two everyone…

So reserved seats level 2 medallion for gen admin fee

Get on it!

Someone should grab these. Medallion Club is a great way to watch the footy.


It is. I would nail them if I was downtown this weekend.

Great even chance game, no rain worries, Med Club w/out costing an arm…

Damn, If I didn’t have to sell my bike today I’d be all over that.

Can you go sit with my kids in GA?


Anyone drop cash on these? What an investment.

You can’t buy a pure Essingtom performance.

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“At least we had good seats”

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I got in for free and I feel still ripped off today.