#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - forward pocket till end of 2021

I’m certain Brisbane’s midfield is smaller than us and we beat them in clearances yet that didn’t translate to a win.

Weird. I see Gresham ranked top 10 for centre clearances, average and total on footywire, but Jones and McGrath aren’t in either. That said, the AFL and footywire don’t agree on the actual clearance numbers anyway, and it only takes a fraction of a clearance per game to drop players from top 10 to top 20 or from top 20 to top 50, so shrug.

I’d be really interested to know if there is an “effective clearances” stat. It’s one thing to bang it on to your boot and another to get it to someone in the clear.

It’s only a clearance if it’s retained.

So the term you’re looking for is “clearance”.


Thanks for that

This can’t be right. McGrath is leading our clearance stats but I’ve been told on here that all of his kicks are blind hacks to the opposition.

Dont believe everything you read on here.

Credited to the player who has the first effective disposal in a chain that clears the stoppage area, or an ineffective kick or clanger kick that clears the stoppage area.


EFFECTIVE KICK A kick of more than 40 metres to a 50/50 contest or better for the team or a kick of less than 40 metres that results in the intended target retaining possession.

Kicking it long to a 50/50 contest is an effective disposal.

I have deleted my previous post about clearances being effective by definition, I was using the same page as you linked but it cut off the second half of that definition and I had to scroll across to see the rest, my mistake.

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You should also delete your effective kick one on that basis.

Its a blitz myth that one.

The effective kick one is still true so Ill leave it even though the context is different.

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Not according to the link KM posted above.

Late second rounder realistically. Hasn’t done a heck of a lot over the past 5 years. Good average output.

Yeah agreed, which would be a decent gamble in this draft. Best you could hope for would be one of Geelong’s 3x first round picks, assuming they want a ready made player for their ongoing premiership pursuit with Selwood, Danger, Hawkins

He just turned 23 FFS…his best will be in 2 or 3 years and you want to go to the draft to get what? High risk strategy IMO

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If we can get one of Geelong’s 1st round picks for Darcy, then I would take and run. It’d be a win for all parties at this stage.

probably one of his worst games for the club

Yep he was pretty bad tonight. He seemed to be trying, but he was a long, long way from being anything close to good.

I love this bloke but fark me, we really needed him stand up when the heat was on in the last quarter and he chipped in with one disposal and zero tackles.

Dunno if he was forward the whole time or what the go was but there but we need him to start dominating games at this stage in his career.

I like Darcy, but 5 years in, his output doesn’t reflect what you want out of a midfielder you took with your 6th selection.

You have to admit the pick 5 and 6, Francis, Parish combo is heading towards the bust category. Needed to nail at least one of them.

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