#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - forward pocket till end of 2021

But that is not the point. Size doesn’t often reflect one’s strength or skills in extracting the pill.

I’m simply saying that our midfield look small compared to most. A very sweeping statement I know, but that’s how it looks to me.
We have no one playing at the moment who is able to take the ball and bullock their way clear.

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He’s a midget but is grunty as fck and is hard to push of the ball our mids got pushed aside on Friday by Neale

Agree. We look like boys against men every time.

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Where did you get that top 10 list from? Per the AFL site none of Jones, Gresham, O’Meara, Simpkin, McGrath, or Boak are in the top 10 by average clearances.

By average it’s: Goldstein, Cripps, Oliver, Yeo, Treloar, Shiel, Adams, Neale, Parker, Dangerfield.
By total it’s: Goldstein, Cripps, Yeo, Neale, Parker, Dangerfield, Naitanui, Oliver, Simpkin, Adams.

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Our onballers may get better service with Drap taking over main rucking duties. He may even contest ground balls :flushed: something unheard at Bomberland for many years. So a big body helping out.

TBC/Philips now just pitch hit every second week, indeed if a 2nd ruck is needed, which IMO is so Drap is not worn out

Mcgrath is the 5th highest rated player in the comp for average defensive half pressure acts, his defensive running is elite.


Parish the second highest rated player in his age group (equal with Tim English) according to champion data, Oliver is the only player rated higher. I think you just have high expectations.

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What about Tom Mitchell? If you had to pick between Neale and our Hibberd, who’d you pick? The midget or the big bodied “inside mid”?

I’m certain Brisbane’s midfield is smaller than us and we beat them in clearances yet that didn’t translate to a win.

Weird. I see Gresham ranked top 10 for centre clearances, average and total on footywire, but Jones and McGrath aren’t in either. That said, the AFL and footywire don’t agree on the actual clearance numbers anyway, and it only takes a fraction of a clearance per game to drop players from top 10 to top 20 or from top 20 to top 50, so shrug.

I’d be really interested to know if there is an “effective clearances” stat. It’s one thing to bang it on to your boot and another to get it to someone in the clear.

It’s only a clearance if it’s retained.

So the term you’re looking for is “clearance”.


Thanks for that

This can’t be right. McGrath is leading our clearance stats but I’ve been told on here that all of his kicks are blind hacks to the opposition.

Dont believe everything you read on here.

Credited to the player who has the first effective disposal in a chain that clears the stoppage area, or an ineffective kick or clanger kick that clears the stoppage area.


EFFECTIVE KICK A kick of more than 40 metres to a 50/50 contest or better for the team or a kick of less than 40 metres that results in the intended target retaining possession.

Kicking it long to a 50/50 contest is an effective disposal.

I have deleted my previous post about clearances being effective by definition, I was using the same page as you linked but it cut off the second half of that definition and I had to scroll across to see the rest, my mistake.

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You should also delete your effective kick one on that basis.

Its a blitz myth that one.

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