#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

Can a gif be done for that handball?

Or will it go down as folk lore like Bruce Lee mechanics on film

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There’s something very likeable about this kid.
He could be anything.

It was that quick, I’d be afraid to gif it.

Sublime hands. {legal or o/wise)

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Thought he was terrific. Please, let’s never waste him on a HFF ever again.

When he is played in the middle he looks every bit like a top 5 draft pick

Thought he was very very good. His last half was fantastic

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Unlike some of his senior teammates his handpasses don’t miss a target or go to their feet

Wow, play a top 5 pick midfielder in the middle and he kills it. Who would of thought

Glad he had this game. He’s always been good enough.

Now leave him in the guts and dont you fucken dare bring back Myers



One of our few players who keeps their feet and tracks the contest and is often the last person running at the end of a contested chain and clears the ball, like a damned Panther, and when he sees his moment he grabs it and bursts and delivers great passes

You can also tell he watched us during his time off because he’s running forward to get easy shots on goal, which is what oppoonent mids usually do to us

Is back to his best

A breakout game for Darcy
Kick straighter and he will bag 3 each game

That handball was akin the Muhammad Ali Sonny Liston punch. No one saw it!!

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Games like that will help us get Martin. Is he the answer? I’m not convinced that he’s got the tools but will be happily proven wrong

That’s a politician’s apology if ever I heard one.
“Played mostly outside game”

Try watching those handballs from packs to release Fanta (and I forget who else but set up another goal)
He played inside and outside AND presented as a resting forward.
Cue “why are we trying to develop his game outside & as a forward?”
This game is why.

On a serious note, sometimes it takes time, but Parish is now a more rounded and more damaging mid than Oliver, who is in danger of becoming a one trick crash & bash player with average disposal skills.


Let’s not get carried away.


Have to admit I’m with @Killer_Mike on this one as I have my doubts about Parish. If he continues with performances like last night, I’ll have to eat my words though.

Played very well last night, ran hard, competed well and some of those handballs were excellent.

Lost to work on still, but a great game for the young fella.

well done.

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I’ve been consistently saying this for over a year.
Just a bit more obvious to some last night

Has a bit of fire in the belly
Let him roam and play midfield

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Whilst I reckon Martin type is the answer for us we would never get Dusty
Lets not dream about things that will not happen and focus on getting our own hard bodied fast explosive mongrel type Martin

I didn’t miss myers at all

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