#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

Talk about getting carried away :joy:

More rounded and damaging than Oliver?

It’s one farking game that was way better than his own benchmark but hardly farking elite.

Take your hand off it Windsockboy!

Was thinking about Jack from GC actually but an out of form Dusty looking for some reinvigoration to his career would fit perfectly at Essendon

That was a better game than anything Langford has dished up in my opinion.


Langford’s his teammate not the opposition

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Bit rich coming from a bloke who only has negative things to say about any player that threatens to take langfords spot lol

Parish was great last night, and he still only played about half the game as a midfielder

Given the time I know he’ll be a great mid.

At least you can recognise he wasn’t all midfield now.

You are learning.



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Give it a rest KM, now you’re just trolling.

Instead of backhanded comments about Parish you could extend the same level of effort into supporting him and Heppell as you do Langford.


Welcome back aboard Blitz…

This kid is impressive.
Got s bit to go but he is our goal kicking midfielder with a ticker.

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Hello my dark friend :blush:

He’s delusional

Never has a bad thing to say about langford when often there is plenty and always has negatives to bring up about two of our hardest players.

Heppell may not be the greatest captain or kick in the AFL but I have no doubt he would run into a pack just as hard if not harder than any other bloke in the league if it meant us winning a game of footy.
He is constantly putting his body on the line for our club and thats why I have so much respect for him.
Parish is tough as nails too, just watch the bloke play.

Langford has all the physical tools to be an absolute beast but everytime he plays he looks like he either doesnt wanna be out there or has just come out of a 3 day high. Plus he’s weak as anything at the contest.

These are not insults I have to say about him because I dislike him these are just facts.
The bloke could be anything but he is eerily similar to jack watts.

I think 99% of us on here would love for killer mike to have the last laugh and langford becoming elite. But lets not call a spade a stone. He’s miles away from anything atm.

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It’s amazing how much obsessed you guys are with what I have to say.

They are just opinions.


The problem for Langford is where he is being positioned by the coaches, it simply doesn’t suit his game at all. You cannot put a square peg in a round hole no matter how much you try. I get why the coaches have tried it, we had a very good functioning forward line area. But last year we could have used Langford as a mid who plays forward of centre, not the back of centre and they didn’t use him there. I reckon he could do anything if played there, he has the ability and skills for it.

Parish is a pure mid and needs to stay as a pure mid. When ever he plays there he sets the game up and creates so much play and forward momentum. The coaches simply need to leave him there and stop this silly wing stuff.

I would develop Ridley on the wing. His skills and poise would be perfect there imo.


Lots in here comparing him to Myers, but the real comparison should be with Langford. Langford is too slow a thinker for on ball. The twitch reaction of Darce was so self evident yesterday. Like Fantasia and Walla he is an instant reaction type player. In fact he probably should slow down 5% and make each possession work for him. I’m an old bustard and I think he is the nearest thing to Johnny Birt I have seen. A true ROVER. Also not scared to go in for the hard ball on the ground. Loved his game yesterday. As for Myers/Langford they should be HFF. Both have a long leg and need more space and have a bit of physicality when required.

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Oh cool another Langford hate thread.

Such hypocrites around here :joy:

It’s raining men?


From the mongrel punt:

"It’s difficult to believe that this bloke was not in John Worsfold’s best 22 to start the year. He absolutely torched the Melbourne midfield tonight.

The main talking point in that statline that should jump out at you is a game-high 11 score involvements. On a night where there was plenty of wasteful disposal (and we’ll get to Dylan Shiel later), Parish was easily the best and most influential ball user on the ground, his clever tap-on ahead of himself to McDonald-Tipungwuti, who then goaled to restore an Essendon lead early in the third quarter, after Melbourne had charged out to a decent lead in the second quarter, was just smart football. This was even more evident in his capacity to show good match awareness late in the last quarter, being one of the few to hold the ball up, take his time, and slow things down whenever Melbourne came at the Bombers in the last quarter.

The extent of the quality of Parish’s game is probably best summed up by a welcome return to form for McDonald-Tipungwuti, who probably was the biggest beneficiary of Parish’s 11 score involvements. Essendon’s small forwards generally lack the capacity to involve themselves in the match without Essendon dominating the midfield, and tonight Parish got them into the game in a big way. Probably the only player that influenced the game over a whole 4 quarters."



Cannot argue against that in the slightest.

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You have to eat humble pie KM, that game was better than anything your lovechild has produced in the middle