#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

Fark me. That has to be up there with the most delusional of posts I have ever seen.
Oliver will be a top 5 player in the game in a couple of seasons and in the top 2 or 3 mids. There is no doubt in my mind.

Parish will never be in the same league as Oliver. But that’s ok. He was very good last night, and I’m glad to see the greater midfield time he got w/o Myers there. Hopefully we continue to play Parish as a midfielder and not on the flanks.

Speaking about your own post? That is a massive call by you.

IMO should get brownlow votes for this game. Was influential in almost all our scoring chains.

He is a bees dik from being this right now.

Oliver in Essendon = no more Essington. Guy is an @sshole ball pig and I love it.

The Oliver v parish debate has been done to death, who cares ffs, very different players. Wrapped for darce after last night, spent plenty of mins where he should be played in the middle, in my top 3 without a doubt. Hope Myers coming back doesn’t diminish he’s time on ball.

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Take your black and red glasses off. Oliver is the no 1 mid in one of the best midfields in the comp, and a guaranteed future jet. Parish is a fringe player in our mid range midfield. There is no comparison, but nor does there need to be.

Parish certainly has the potential to be a very good midfielder.

Which we just beat and have lost their first 3 games because their midfield sucked.

They are NOT one of the BEST midfields in the AFL, they are one of the better ones. And we just beat them.

And Oliver is a great player, no reason Parish can’t be as well.




FFS, what is wrong with you lot?

This isn’t about Oliver. He’s irrelevant.

And it’s not about Langford either.

Darcy just played a ripper. That’s the only thing that matters and if you can’t admit that, or feel the need to denigrate one of our other players in comparison, then either way you’ve got some friggin issues.

He needs to back it up over and over. But there should be no question about his potential to be hugely important for us.


I hope he actually gets the chance to back it up. Wouldn’t put it past this lot of coaches to move him to the flanks again.

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They’ve lost games because their fwds and defense suck. Not their midfield.

Oliver is an incredible young player.

Oliver Is incredible.
I doubt parish will ever be as good as him but If he fulfils the potential I think he has I don’t think he would be too far off.

I think Parish could be about as good a player as rory Sloane is.

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Everyone here says we draft flankers and try to turn them into mids. I don’t buy into that BS where they play as a junior does matter to some degree but its far from what others make it out be.

Contradicting myself here but Parish is a pure mid and was as a junior, a ball hunter, and a good midfielder. Only problem is he offers very little anywhere else. With rotations you need to be an absolute animal (oliver) in the middle, or offer something elsewhere as well. I am rapt about his game but he needs to add more strings to his bow.

Oliver would only be relevant if we’d passed him up for Parish.

Which we did not.

In other irrelevant news, Parish is better than Weitering and Schache.


with ease.

a rolls royce on both sides.

For all the astute observers of my considered analysis of all things EFC around here, I thought there are two really interesting players this year with massive upside that will go a long way to us being a successful team. The first is Stringer … won’t talk about him here suffice to say that I am impressed.

The other is Parish. I think the inclusion of Shiel absolutely puts Parish’s position in the team in the gun a bit, and it is up to Darcy to put in compelling enough form to make the team select him. I thought his pre-season form in JLT was horrible … putrid. And I was pleased that standards were there that meant he wasn’t selected in round 1. Turns out as a team we were putrid round 1 … Parish to his credit went out and did the only thing he could, and dominate a game so that he simply had to be included next game. He was, and against St Kilda he was a bit meh … so alarm bells were ringing for me a bit.

Last night Parish was immense … I could not have been much more impressed (perhaps some straighter kicking for goal). I hope that this becomes the standard … we know that he can play the game. But last night showed how he can really influence a result. I’m rapt for the bloke


Never said he wasn’t, anywhere at any time.

Takes the game on. Really solid performance last night. Enjoyed how he kicked the pill more than handballing it. Agree with @kingbeano - huge upside for this bloke.

Looks ike Parish doesn’t like Melbourne…maybe because they overlooked him in the draft. Lol.

Second time against them, he kicked a goal to seal the win.

I like Parish and Langford