#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

You don’t think he’s referring to the supposed rumours of Darcy being geelong bound?

Maybe I give too much credit, if he’s being serious then please everyone continue to point out the stupidity

Probably shouldn’t answer for him but I think he is serious about the prospect. I was been hyperthedycle. Had no idea on the links to Geelong.

Not sure they are realistic stories but that is what has been mentioned previously

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Might be just me, but I actually am coming around to the idea that we might not need this “bull”. Clearances is actually not a weakness for us. Our biggest problem is structure and disposal.


I’m content with our mix too. Couldn’t give a ■■■■ about the height of our players if they continue to win the midfield battle.

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Give him the brownlow now after that game against Carltons midfield. we’ve got enough brutality on the inside and have a well balanced midfield. Parish is our Selwood. Am I doing this right Blitzers?

Not interested in your mids being able to mark it or play in multiple positions? It’s why we were so good in 2000, Heffernan Blumfield Mercuri Misiti Hird could catch it. We now have Heppell who’s good one on one. Everyone else is a gnome.

Reading the game so well now, popping up everywhere. My only issue is his kicking. He shanks it nearly every time, so much so that I think it’s become a habit. When he grabs the ball he purposely turns it sideways to kick which makes it almost impossible to mark. I don’t think it’s a conscious thing, probably from junior footy, but it need to be ironed out

I hope we get Brayden Sier this off-season. He has so many similarities with Josh Kennedy from Sydney. And we really can’t just have a midfield full of midgets, no matter how adorable it would look.

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No. A Blitzer would never ask for advice from another Blitzer, as they would know that the response would be useless and filled with sarcasm.


Sier was really good for Collingwood last season. Agree on the need for someone like him. An inside brute. The only downside with Sier is that he’s positionally limited.

We need at least one good inside mid that can take a mark. If Langford comes on its not as much an issue. I agree that it is not our most limiting factor though, structure and coaching is.

It’s amazing how Myers managed to keep Clarke, Langford and Parish out of the midfield at the same time!


Probably his two best games back to back in the wet. Love an old fashioned wet weather footballer, he was so clean whilst others were fumbling around like a teenager with a bra.

Hopefully he keeps it up this week.

Reflection of all the things Myers should have been capable of but wasnt

and perpetually injured. so he’s ticking all our boxes.

Gws tallest mid is hopper at 186, they seem to be doing ok


I think everyone is infatuated with getting the next Fyfe, Cripps bont, and to be realistic that’s just not going to come around that often


U do realise mercuri was mcgraths height?

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Players Who Parish and Mcgrath compare to in height,

Gary Ablett Jnr
Rory Sloane
Lachie Neale
Ben Cousins
Michael Voss

I could literally go on for pages and prove that height means nothing but I think that very short list speaks for itself.


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