#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

ok, do it.

please dont make me:(

It’s just the balance is a bit out right now - McGrath and Smith playing more midfield mins next year means average height/weight goes down. If we want all our mids to have long careers there needs to besome bigger blokes in there, taking the hits. Cotchin, after two years of kamakaze footy, is struggling to get on the park. Cripps, Dangerfield, Pendlebury, Kennedy have been pretty durable over a long period of time.

But yeah, we can all cherry pick stats and anecdotal stuff and twist to fit whatever position we want… that’s not meant as a criticism BTW

I see what you did there


Two years?
He’s missed about 30 games in twelve years.
But same difference.


In his own words he deliberately focussed on playing more contested, hardball in 2017 and 2018

Why though is the balance out?? Height?? Is that it?Our midfield has more than held their own against the best. I’m sure if a pendles, Kennedy danger or Cripps came along we would be all over it. Fact is they aren’t dime a dozen.

And in the real world, he’s been a full time on-baller since about 2009/2010.

Yes because we are being consistently destroyed by tall midfielders taking lots of marks in midfield.

I tried to ask the proponents of this theory for just one example of this happening.
I’m still waiting.


It’s mainly about weight and weight distribution. I mean, this big body mid narrative has been around for a long time - it’s not something that’s been made up.

Of the top 10 contested mids in 2018, only two are under 185 - Neale and Mitchell… the guys that dominate contested midfield footy are generally bigger.

Great game by Darc.
Has he finally found his role within the team. I hope that Woosha leaves him there.

I have made mention of our midgets in the past & how this may effect our ability to win games.
If last weeks game is anything to go by, what does it matter if we don’t have a midfielder that is over 190cm playing for our club when Heppell & Clark & Darc play together? Football ability can’t simply be measured in height alone or even at all really. There are plenty of gun mids that aren’t giants of the game, whilst actually being giants of the game.

I am looking forward to facing a hawks team with Darc, Clark, Hepp & Snelling


He’s been more inside and contested, rather than an outside mid in 17 and 18… in his own words.

You dont actually mark a contested ball. Nor do you clear a pack with a mark. As a mid I would have thought that marking the ball was desirable wasn’t top of the list of must have skills.


Ok, I’m not one to knit pick, u have brody Grundy an aa ruckman, not a mid, Callan ward is shorter than Dylan Clarke, can remove those 2 so that’s half the list, and I can argue yeo spends just as more time at half forward an on ball.

I agree about weight (to a certain extent).

You can’t be scrawny, across the board.

I’m not fussed about height.



You’ve presented no rationale in removing those three from the argument that bigger bodies win more contested footy.

…so what? Clarke could be a great clearance player, given time.

I’ll take ability and agility over height/weight as a raw stat, thanks.

Pendlebury isn’t a great player because he’s tall or even heavy(ish).

Virtually every midfield mark these days are uncontested. Even for those who can push forward, I’d say only Martin and Fyfe are genuine contested marking threats. There may be a few others but not a huge number imo.

Parish’s ability to run, find space , quick hands and weave through congestion will offset any perceived issue with a smaller frame. And whilst he won’t get any taller, his core strength can continue to improve.


Well, that’s a given… there’s no discussion here about whether you can get away with not being able to kick a footy or read the play just because you’re tall.

U sure?? Would it surprise you that Zach Merrett has had as many contested possessions as Dangerfield this year?? And comfortably more than Pendlebury and josh Kennedy?

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