#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

Being able to take a contested mark Is huge. It completely kills the contest and puts the game on your terms. You can also rest them in the forward line so they are always on the ground. It’s why Langford looked so good against Richmond and why every club wants midfielders who can do it.

Correct me if I am wrong but don’t we usually play an extra number at the contest which helps us win contested posesion? And clearances?

Im a little bit on the fence about this argument. I think we do need some bigger body’s in the mix. If Clarke, Langford, and perhaps mynott come on. Do we have that area covered?

Add Stringer, and Hepp (great Marking mid) to the mix and we have a good mix.

Parish has one problem compared to the likes of our other smaller mids. And that’s having as much impact on other parts of the ground.

I do think it’s important to have a mix of size in the middle. But it’s a long way from our weekest link.

Exactly, they are like gold and pretty rare. Langford is already a good afl level fwd IMHO. But not a good consistent inside mid yet. He only needs to get good not necessarily great in this area to be in our best team.

Early days but Clarke on the other hand looks exactly what we need inside. Adds some needed size and strength to the mix.


Not sure about that grouping. Neale’s 177, Prestia’s 175, the rest are 182+, so half the range you’ve defined contains nobody. You could get to half of the top 20 with just 182-185.

182-190 (the same range as 177-185) accounts for 15 of the top 21. And 4 of the remaining 6 are taller.

Edit: I’m not following this discussion at all, apologies if this is completely tangential.

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Yeh I couldn’t tell you , their are a lot more astute people on here than me to divulge in our structures and setup, but Cleary that would change week to week depending on opposition. I agree on the big body size is necessary for contested work but the fact is we are more than holding our own and with a lot of development left in our young lads I think the future mid stocks are good. If a Fyfe was available or a Bont, don’t get me wrong I’d be the first one to jump at it. But not quite yet sold on chasing guys like sier or Brodie who can’t actually get a game with their respective clubs when we are doing ok

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Marking through the midfield is important, and uncontested (quantity) >contested (quality).

Uncontested marking relies on an ability to find space either through IQ, gut running or athleticism; Darcy is elite in at least 1 of those things and more than capable in the other 2 areas

Is the club looking do anything about Darcy’s height or is this another problem they’ve thrown in the too hard basket?


A far, far, bigger problem is what we do with it once we win it. Our structures are pretty poor to me. The way we want to play is with high risk pin point accuacy. But once enough pressure is applied. We turn it over then lose confidence.

We need multiple ways to attack and score, so that we are less predictable.

Our defence is actually pretty good all things considered.

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Cut it that way if you like.

Makes the same point.

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You blokes racking your brains here?


It is a bit of a stretch for some.

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No, it was Whoosha which did that.

He’s got to give up on that left-foot crossfield kick. I remember three this year that have been disastrous.

Of course,a couple more may have ended well, but you tend to only remember the bad ones.

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True. he has turned that kicked over about 3 times this year. Probably don’t bring it out in the wet but I’m happy for him to keep backing himself.

You can tell that he actually a decent left foot on him unlike Guelfi and a couple of other who just try to check side the ball whenever they are caught on their left foot

The idea is right. It’s actually better than that, because he’s one of the few who’ll change the direction of attack, which we need to do.
At least two of those kicks, if not three, were off only one or two steps though - that’s the subtle learnings I’d like to see him make. He’s actually a very good kick with momentum in his run - it’s the tired stop & prop kick that’s not coming off

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Langford very good at this too.

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I think you’ll find it is more correct to say ‘It was Woosha what done that… goddarnit’

Just worked out a pretty crazy statistic.

When Myers plays and Parish is in the side this year Parish is averaging 16.6 touches, and 2 clearances a game.

Without Myers 27 touches and 6 clearances.

A massive difference.