#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

Yeah and that is because they don’t play him in the middle with Myers there, they play him on the wing or forward of centre.

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Geelong will have one the Kelly first rounders for Darcy.

Happy to trade Hurley for some salary cap relief to get Sier. Hopefully Zerk, Francis and Harts can fill the void.

Good thing you’re nowhere near our trading then.


Where’s all this talk of Geelong coming from?? Have they publicly came out and said they’re interested? Or we assume since he was born down that way and out of contract. Serious question I haven’t heard anything that he wants to leave

No talk of it anywhere, except on BBlitz, and all for the reason you have given.


Thankyou, I thought as much


There’s an interview with Scott where he’s asked who they’re chasing.

It was essentially about Coniglio, who’s an exception, but said they keep tabs on every player from Western Victoria.

Personally, I hope GWS keep all their quality players (we can’t afford any of them anyway, draft-pick-wise and if we can’t have them…), as long as Hawthorn and Geelong don’t get them.

Someone should do a pie chart breaking down footy forum discussion content…

5%- Lid off mania after win
15%- wrist slashing meltdowns post-loss
20% - umpiring complaints\conspiracy theories
60%- Discussion about players height (including photographs submitted as evidence\playing surface topography & and depth of field explanations)

Plenty of examples of Caleb Daniel spoiling KPFs from many clubs all year, Roughead included.

5% complaining about mathemat—no, wait, what?


These figures can’t be right. The largest % of any group is not even mentioned, i.e. 80% slash and burn that is each and every match day thread.

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You need to add
40% - calling for Woosha and/ or Jackets to be sacked.

And before DJR weighs in on the maths, many posts irrespective of above categories manage to bring this to the table as well.
Needs a Venn diagram rather than a pie chart.

It didn’t start on Blitz. It started with a few articles in Herald Sun/Fox where they said a couple of clubs had made their interest in Darcy known. Mostly Geelong.

Of course the Cats would be hunting him. Won’t go anywhere though. Cemented himself in the side this last month, growing into the footballer we all know he can be, and developing the areas of his game that weren’t his strengths.

Everyone’s panned the coaches for playing him on a wing or HFF for 2 years but you’ll notice that it’s his work in transition that’s been his biggest improvement and the reason why he’s now having a greater impact. He’s finding more of the footy on the outside and hitting the scoreboard making him a far more rounded and damaging player.


Myers & Parish are sharing the same role and switching to other spots on the ground. They can’t both do it concurrently. Makes Myers look a tad redundant really.
If Parish can lower his eyes into the forward 50 or hit the score board a little more than I would say Myers will remain in the VFL until Parish is injured.

Just my random thoughts as I race down JL sunset on route to Sanur to catch a boat to Nusa Lembongan to dive with Mantas…


Maybe Zerk can part fill Hurley’s role needs more meat. But I think he can do it.

Not sure id trade for Sier. Certainly not at expense of Hurley. Clark is probably just as good imo. Will wait and see this weekend with him playing in role vacated by Beams.

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Clarke likely would have had better VFL numbers than Sier, seemingly lead or was high up in a at lot of the stats for mids in the league

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Their numbers are virtually identical actually

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One difference probably is Clarke was getting tagged quite often over last few year. I’m not sure same would apply to Sier