#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

Reading that just ■■■■■■ me off all over again, we’ve thrown this season away by not investing in the players we clearly needed to invest in.

You have to wonder what the Sydney game looks like with parish in the middle. What the Saints game would have looked like


Melbourne - “we’ll give you more midfield minutes”

Melbourne lineup round 1 2020 F: Parish - McDonald - Melksham

Agree with most of this, however Heps is still one of our better clearance players. I’d prefer if he stayed onball and played the “Myers-role”, similar to how Cotchin switched his role a few years ago.


If Parish does play at Essendon next season, I will eat my hat.

Also, if he doesn’t play at Essendon next season I will eat my hat too…

I just really want to eat my hat.


Are we a better team with Darcy in the midfield? Despite career best stats, we got smashed by Richmond and beat Carlton.

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Is it a KFC bucket hat?


Or the Richmond game… oh

Yeah well I obviously didn’t mention games where we were a no show across the board.

Are you saying “In: Myers” ?

We have the rest of the year to not drop him for Myers, and then the post-season to offer him Zaka money.
And then maybe, maybe he’ll ignore the voices in his ear that say they’d have done that this year, and he’ll be playing finals with them.
One can only hope.

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No one leaves melbourne for Geelong when youre from Winch. Obvs, Danger went from Adelaide to Geelong, but lives at Moggs.

Melbourne > Moggs > Geelong > Winch > Adelaide

Darcy not the only midfielder out of contract:

Jun 5, 2018 12:45PM

BTV: Clarke re-signs

Young midfielder Dylan Clarke has re-signed for one year, keeping him at the club until the end of 2019.


We’ve got a lot of good players out of contract at seasons end.

Yep, Heppell is one of our better contested ball players and runners - his game against Carlton showed that.


Getting a bit concerning now that Francis, Parish, Redman and D.Clarke are all out of contract come season’s end.

Did we focus too heavily on acquiring players from outside the club (Shiel, Stringer etc.) and forget about what we already had?

I’m almost certain that we will lose 1 minimum.

No we didn’t and Disco made note of that during trade period about managing the TPP with a view of young class player development & re-signings


It could be a major issue if the side won a flag and players are then demanding a lot more $$$ - and yes I’d like us to have that problem. Otherwise they should have a clear plan on how to make the TPP considering players developing and getting more $$$ and players retiring etc

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It is not always the club that puts contract talks on hold.

Sometimes players (especially young players) time their contract talks to a time when they think they will be at a stage of their development that they have started to show the full worth.

Not to worry mate. Of those guys Parish is the only one with real market value. The others haven’t put together enough football for clubs to bang down the door or make huge offers. Confident we can keep them all pretty easily, unless we plan on targeting somebody else in the trade period.

No - In: Shiel