#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

You post that x journalist reads blitz a bit. But Darcy is Val’s favourite player of that draft. And rated him as the best midfielder in that draft. And has always maintained that position.

Well yes. I actually have no proof whatever that Cal Twomey reads Blitz. I have no idea if he ever read it even once. But really haven’t you learned not to take anything written on this platform seriously?

OK, I didn’t know that. Did he put Darce ahead of Oliver?

I’m confident that we can keep all 4 players at the club.

I’m not confident that the coach will play them.


You’ll never get anywhere on Blitz with specifics like that. You need to be vague, really vague. Then nobody can pin you down.

As it is, if anyone sees you with a hat they’ll know you’re a liar!


If only someone had thought that playing Parish right in the middle and not on a forward flank would be a positive for his football. Amazing. Next thing someone will be telling me will be something absurd like dropping players like Myers or Zaharakis for kids like Clarke can improve the team. That’s crazy talk.


I’m watching round 1 last season. Myers isn’t playing it looks like. Langford and Parish are in the guts, in amongst it, getting their hands on it, laying tackles etc. Commentators are blowing their loads over Parish saying he’s had a huge preseason and this is going to be a good year for him. Both of them end up playing VFL at various points.

I’ve lost the point I was trying to make

But fck me drunk it’s only the end of the first quarter but we’ve had some absolutely shocking F50 entries. Absolutely putrid.

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When Hurley re-commited during the ban year I seem to recall Twomey’s article on the AFL site mentioning that the hype was building on Bomberblirz that day. Definitely reads Blitz

It’ll be ignored again, but there’s another reason Parish wasn’t played as a pure mid in 2017 & 2018.
He wasn’t fit enough.

Sources- numerous interviews with Darcy himself.
Shiel at the the start of this year saying “ the penny has finally dropped for Parish” in terms of the work required.

I know this doesn’t suit the whinging “I told you so” narrative, but hey, when did facts ever stop a Blitz opinion?


If only we had some sort of panel of football experts, perhaps working with specialist fitness staff that are also employed by the club, who could ensure that a kid who grew up playing midfield and collected more than 20 disposals 16 times out of twenty games in his first year…was somehow fit enough to play midfield in his third year.

Oh, well. I guess we can but dream.


Assuming we continue to play Darcy onball, which is far from a certainty, I predict that we’ll be having very similar discussions regarding Andy McGrath being played out of position in the back half of 2019 and going into 2020

I’m also interested in @CJohns comments on the podcast about learnings for Parish after the Richmond game. Obviously there is a lot that goes on that we don’t see.

Every chance the club has known that Parish is an inside mid, but that there were parts of his game, even in that role that needed work for him to go from a VFL inside mid, to an AFL inside mid.


i think you’re looking for the goodbye woosha thread.

we tried that in 2012 and it didn’t go well

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I think you’ll find we’ve tried that every year for a long time.
Results vary.

indeed they do

I can’t believe he hasn’t signed up yet. I don’t want him to leave :frowning:

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Why sign now if you have a whole season to improve your value at Essendon (and for trading if it came to that). I like Darcy and see a lot of upside to him and want him to stay. No reason why he wouldn’t stay if can see he has excellent opportunities to be in a lock in 22. We are a destination club.


I think Darcy started off the tombstone nickname for cal twomey. They seemed like good buddies in his draft year. And cal would have loved he ended up at essendon.

What a difference a few games make.end of last year Parish was stagnating, not really getting over 20 possies. And Francis was dominating in the backline at full flight.

Now there’s no spot in defence for Francis so he is playing/Working on being a utility up forward with less impact and Parish is killing it in the midfield

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He wont leave. All just part of the process.

I won’t believe he’s leaving until Reboot says it wouldn’t hurt us much.

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