#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

I’ll start off by saying that I hope he stays.

But regardless, we are in a better position now than what we were a few weeks ago, where if he did leave we would have gotten a second round pick at best. His value has gone up significantly the last 2 weeks.

But I hope he stays as he is part of a bright midfield future for the EFC.

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Yeah, it should serve as a warning for all those on blitz wavering on McGrath.

Are some people genuinely wavering on McGrath? That’s weird.


Blitz is a weird place.

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Only people with zero football intelligence

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I’m pretty happy with Darcy’s progress and what the coaches have done with him. Yeah there’s a question mark on why he didn’t play more inside earlier THIS YEAR. But overall he’s clearly rounded out his game with his experiences over the previous 2 seasons while also building a body size and an engine that his natural high intensity inside mid game requires. Not only are we seeing his elite handballs and clearance ability. He’s now showing some pretty nice open field uncontested chain work as well as popping up and kicking goals.

I think he still needs to sharpen up his decision making and execution with some of his field kicking (some of those crazy high risk cross-field kicks)…are they just simply a rush of blood/adrenaline? Dunno. But overall, he’s still made huge improvement in that area and it wasn’t until about mid last season that we actually started noticing he could be very damaging with his field kicking. I’ll put that down to playing and focusing more on HF/wing skills rather than just inside mid specific skills. It’s coming along.

Mid-way through his 4th season he’s now showing some A-grade level performances. As a top 10 draft pick you couldn’t expect much more. Some players don’t come on as quick as Zac Merrett (2nd & 3rd seasons) or Oliver (2nd)…they are rare players. Looking forward to see what kind of roll Darcy can get on this year.


That’s a diplomatic way of putting it. I could think of dozens of stronger adjectives to use, but won’t.

Pidge is a gun.


and he is just going to get gunnier and gunnier


The next Harry Callahan? :wink:

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Wavering is what good blitzers do.


Thought Jacob Wavering played for FarkCarlton, not us?


If it’s one thing I reckon Woosha knows, it’s midfielders. He’s worked with a few decent ones over the years. If he reckons Parish had things to work on I’ll back his judgement.

I’ve been (like many) wanting Parish away from the HFF, but I don’t buy this narrative that his growth has been stunted. He’s played 65 games (and unlike Langford has not missed many) this is the period when the magic tends to happen in terms of rapid improvement.


It’s weird how some people think this has stunted his development, whereas they think it’s a great idea for Ridley to play in the guts in the 2’s to round out his development more.

Can’t have it both ways people.


Ridley was a midfielder?

lol. Can’t have it both ways…

He was always primarily a defender wasn’t he?

Ridley’s body has changed a lot, so along with his marking skills the midfield suddenly became a delightful option.

The idea that we needed to turn a top ten draft pick very midfieldy midfielder into a half forward to progress his development just…blows my mind.

No. That’s…that’s not what that was.
At all.
Not even a little bit.


It’s a little crazy right? We’ve been screaming out for inside mids, yet try to play our best young prospect out of position. The message out of the club for the last year or two is that Parish will become one of the best clearance players in the AFL one day. Wouldn’t his ideal development be to fast track that? Same goes for Francis. He’s clearly a great intercept defender. Just let him be one.

It makes sense for really versatile players like McGrath to move them around through development.


Maybe we didn’t want to break a kid by throwing him in the guts before he was physically ready. Maybe he will be a more complete player long term by having a stronger outside game.


This only makes sense if you Dont drop him every time he doesnt perform when he’s playing in those “development” positions.