#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

Also - and just sayin - they both ended up at Geelong. I don’t want to start anything, but…Geelong :wink: :wink: :wink:

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I hear ya.

I mean, that is the limit of that particular communication, but…taps nose

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I think this is pretty arguable.
Our outside mid stocks are far, far weaker than inside (and that’s been the case for 4-5 years).

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Sam Walsh having a decent year alongside Crippy boy.

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Who said anything about him not being ready being ready until a few weeks ago. That’s right I didn’t say that. I’ve been calling him our next Daisy Williams for a couple of years, which means I’ve wanted him the guts all along. But he wasn’t big enough & his kicking needed more polish, so the powers to be decided that playing mainly on HFF with stints on the ball was better for his development.
And yes we did play in the guts out of necessity in 2016 & we were lucky that he didn’t get bashed around like Rory Sloane did in his first few seasons. Check out Rory’s injuries in his first 3 seasons, it’s not pretty viewing,


Loading up on him for the Norm Smith. Only thing stopping him is time on the half forward flank!

This joint would’ve gone mental when Hird a) started in the forward line then b) got moved to midfield

…and the small matter of playing in a grand final which, I hope, will be with us!

Nickname confirmed. Change thread title to:

#3 Darcy “Dasha” Parish



named after one of Santa’s reindeers

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Yeah, that occurred to me.
So I couldn’t help wondering who is Donder and Blitzen?
Not to mention Prancer and Rudolph.

Parish’s answers are mostly pretty old school, likes golf and spag bol. Reminds me of the Jack Daniels man of the week, so id recommend for sheer authenticity, when asked to do another one of these in a couple years, instead of a favourite holiday destination being ‘New York’ he suggests Merimbula. Instead of going for coffee and playing some Singing game on PS4 mentions his favourite drink is Fosters, music taste - Genesis and Dire Straits.


Well, Prancer is obviously Joey.

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So he’s a pommie?

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Boomers used to love Fosters back in the day.

He was born after the release of the last Genesis (studio) album…


last year I was concerned he may only end up as a B grade midfielder.
his last few matches, gives hope he may reach his lofty heights of pre draft status. And become a A Grade midfielder.

Players picked ahead of him

could argue he is catching/caught Mills (rising star) who is stagnating in the backline and Oliver is still seen as the standout pick from the top 5.

Redman looks like a inspired pick now too.


I thought he was Donga

Yeah, I don’t speculate on the size of our players’ penises, so I wouldn’t know.