#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

This thread is too much- we are Richmond. Calls of him being average and to trade him have been around for a long time until only now.

Hope your right. Can see why other clubs are circling him. Sooner the better. Also my son has number 3 on his Guernsey.

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‘Hope’ isn’t a strategy, dude. It will happen. :wink:


Then we can recruit his brother Cassidy. Heard he goes alright. Imagine 2 of them in the guts.

Might need to keep this on the down-low, dude.

Some of those handballs and handball received he snaffled on the fly. Wow.

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Cassidy is a great inside ball winner whose kicks sometimes land in the same postcode as where he was aiming. He’ll be the best player on a lower league team for a very long time, but won’t make afl unless something changes dramatically.

The younger brother, Indi i think is his name, is apparently more like what we want.


It’s now good that a typical Darcy Parish game is what he produced last night. Solid 21 disposals and a goal. Continuing his rich vein of form.


On the rise!

I did see him stuck on the flank a bit more than I would have liked last night. I loved whenever he was in the middle, he’s becoming pure class and really learning to not rush himself. He’s been excellent in recent weeks.

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Loving Darce’s work rate lately, but he gets burned by his teammates way too often. He runs and makes himself an option all the time but they always seem to be too slow to pick him off.


yeah he was in the forward line a lot more often tonight than recent weeks,

probably because of Shiels return.

I wish we would stop putting stringer, raz and tippa in the centre.

Just use the best mids we have in there.

It seems like he is really starting to believe that he belongs, that the coaches trust him, and that he can trust himself.

you know how some players slow down time?

darcy seems to move faster than time.

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He’s starting to scoop the ball up like Walla now. Very clean. Awesome watching his break out season unfold.

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I’ll admit, I thought Parish was a bit ‘meh’ until this year. Always thought he had great hands but nothing else that was elite. Not sure how he stacks up against the best in terms of kms covered, kicking efficiency, clearances etc. but those hands? Fark me he’s an exceptional distributor by hand… and no slouch by foot… kicking at goal too seems to have improved.

I dont mind tucking into some more of that humble pie if his form continues


Another excellent game from Darcy. Is so creative in close. Also slotted a goal when all around were missing.

Really enjoyed watching him over the past few weeks.

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He should be on a $700K pa contract, but only $600k if he goes left-foot crossfield.

There is a clear midfield strategy to not leave any one player on the ball for an extended time. I also think Parish is the player who is best suited to playing maximum midfield minutes, but the overall strategy of rolling half a dozen or more through there is a working well and gives us a bit of a point of difference to other midfielder units.

Stringer IS the best mid we have in there. Just isn’t fit enough to stay in there. But agree we need to keep putting Darc in there more often also.

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