#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

There is literally no evidence to back that claim up other than what the club wants him to be.

Shiel is by far and away our best clearance player,
followed by hep and Zerett.

don’t even get me started on tippa and raz,
I understand we want them in there for pace and pressure but even at the game on the weekend when tippa was in the centre it was abundantly clear he does not have the experience to be in there.

I don’t know why some people think you can just chuck anyone on the ball.
Centre bounce knowledge and skill is a craft that you develop over time.

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Out-of-contract Essendon midfielder Darcy Parish has declared himself ‘red and black’, saying he wants to remain a part of the club deep into the future.

A host of rival AFL clubs, including Geelong, were circling the 21-year-old after he was left out of the Bombers’ Round 1 side, eager to chase the 2015 No. 5 national draft selection.

Their interest has been further franked by a clutch of good form in recent weeks as Parish has bedded down a more permanent role in the midfield, but he says has no intention of leaving the Bombers at the end of the season.

“I love it here,” Parish said ahead of tonight’s must-win clash with Hawthorn at Marvel Stadium. “I absolutely love the joint … I’m red and black.”

“I have got great relationships with everyone at the club — the players, the coaches and even the staff. I’ve really enjoyed my time here and I’ve learnt so much from the relationships I’ve been able to build.”


You know what though, I kinda don’t think you were all that far wrong.

He’s smallish, reasonable pace, a decent kick, but great hands, (etc etc) but really he is only as good as he is because he’s very creative at using what he’s got. Just a smart footballer.

Last time I was this excited about a midfielder was in 2014 when Zac made his debut. The way Darc has developed both as a player and in physic has been super impressive. Kelly thinks Darc will be a star of the comp. Gee, after years of supporter angst, Essendon have finally addressed a major deficiency and have some very impressive midfield depth.


Loving that he seems to have cemented himself in the team.
I still consider him one of our young developing players like Langford and Laverde, Clarke, Guelfi, Begley, etc, but he’s definitely at the mature end of that spectrum.
He’s really intense and focused, I wouldn’t be surprised if he took over from Heppel as Captain in a few years.

Ive noticed that too.
Not a bad strategy , as you need to give the main guys a rest at some point.
But i do think you also need to have your better actual midfielders in there more, and only rotate them if tgey arent performing or are getting beaten.

Also think players who are better/smarter as forwards should be rotated down there more , zaka and zerrett being the 2.

Yeah i was pretty happy to hear that kelly said that because of his reputation and the gun mids he would have been around at geelong. Parish main improvement is his kicking, its improved immensely this year. Same with McGrath actually, his kicking has also gotten better.

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Sign him up asap.

I think the Stringer arguments comes from the percentages win when Stringer is in around stoppages.

He’s not in there often but when he is we win it or in particular Stringer does.

They posted a stat a while ago and Stringer from memory was number 1 in the league.

I backed laverde in before him, but have been proven wrong, although a happy realisation is that lav is starting to show signs.

If Lang hits his straps I will send jackets a scratchie.


One of those crossword ones.

Yeah but is Darce a grade-A dog that has a severe gambling addiction?


Very much on the more experienced end of the scale
Darcy would have almost played more games than those guys combined

Hmmm. Who did we draft the year before? I can’t think of anyone between Hepp and Parish other then maybe Zerret and Joey? Lang & Lav aren’t Captain material IMO, but Parish is an outside chance…

I thought we all agreed that we wouldn’t use “Parish” and “outside” in the same sentence anymore


some of DPs pickups and the way he dished or the ball oozed class. things you can’t teach. the one that he passed to langer which ended in a Begley goal was superb.
what’s more amazing that he can also do it in the wet, unlike almost every other player.
he’s not a bad kick either, if he can lift his kicking to where his hands are, he’ll be devastating.


Both you and Parish need to stop looking backwards and start moving forward with your lives!

He’s only half way through his 4th season. So he’s still in that formative phase but becoming an established player. He had that excellent first year as shown by his rising star stats. What’s interesting is that while we talk about his excellent hands and handballing, he is averaging more kicks than handballs per game this year. I thought last year was going to be a big year for him, but wasn’t. This year looks like it may be.


Outside development paying dividends. Kicking it more and getting it I50 more without compromising clearance work. Next phase will be to bump the disposal numbers above ~25/game.

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