#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

Needs more opportunity.

Too much time forward.

I think we have too many players needing midfield minutes now that Clarke is in there for nearly all the game

Putting together a pretty decent year. Still room for improvement but his attacks on the pack are getting good.


Really growing in confidence. Is a fine player and will only get better. Onya, Darcy.


couple of clutch goals late in the game the last few weeks


this year will hopefully be the making of him. Rubbish pre season but worked hard to get back. some patchy form. played out of position but learning to hit the scoreboard. now all this is culminating into a very good patch of form.

loving the way he attacks the ball and swoops in and gets clearing handballs to the outside guys as well.

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One thing I love is when he attacks the ball he goes at speed, he doesn’t slow down at all when the ball is there for the taking. When he gets clean possession it really helps him break away from the pack


He had a case of the “Myers” early on, ironed that out at 3/4 time though.

He’s really putting together a great season now. Gonna be a great player when he turns his 22 possession games into 30 possession games.


Still needs to get better at sticking his tackles. But loving his improvement in just about every other aspect this year.

Pity we can’t say the same for our field kicking

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Top 15 in comp for ground ball gets inside 50… impressive for a guy that’s probably 50/50 forward and mid.

A lot of criticism for that time spent forward but he’s learning handy forward craft and kicks more goals than any other midfielder. Not a bad string to have to his bow.


Has had a really outstanding last month or two, considering he was not in round 1 best 22. And has kicked some clutch goals the last two weeks. A real positive as there was a big question mark over his head in preseason.



Almost like the coaches have some idea after all?


Timed perfectly.

Having seen a fair bit of his draft year. His time forward hasn’t really developed what he already knew.

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The only other mid you’d get a similar forward ground ball output to Parish’s 50/50 role would be Merrett and coaches are too scared to pull the trigger on removing Merrett out of midfield even when he’s heavily tagged.

He’s kicked at least one goal in our last 5 games. And for the season, he’s kicked a goal in 8 of the 14 games he’s played in. So going more onball has come with scoreboard pressure him.
And you can’t have too many players capable of kicking a goal. If we need to rest him then having him do it as a forward is a plus.

While Merrett has only kicked 3 goals for the year (in 3 games), and it was something he said he wanted to add to his game.

Darcy’s coming along well.


Só when do we lock this boy away for 5?

As soon as possible!