#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

Gonna say this again
Darc is one of the few players I trust with a set shot right now. Honestly gives him sooo much value to be able to hit the scoreboard which Merrett, Heppell and Shiel often all fail to do consistently

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To be a really good team, some more of our younger group need to go to another level. It looks like Darce and Pidge are the first cabs off the rank. But we still have some very good players who have been under performing. If Zaka, Fanta, Darce and Pidge can all lift we will make the 8 .

Have noticed these 2 really thrive in the last quarters this year. Must be super fit


Where’s this “Darce” come from?

Please refer to him by his real nickname, “Darcy Parish”


Good to hear him say on Don-Air that he hopes to sign a new contract pretty soon.


Did he say who he’s signing with?


People used to say he’ll be only a role player and decent foot soldier. He’s already exceeded that and only 21 years of age. Plenty more improvement left in him



The logic being doesn’t have elite athleticism or size or kicking, therefore can’t be elite as an overall package.

What he’s got is he’s real good at footy.


Checked his age to remind me how old he is - he turns 22 in a two weeks. Yet it feels the chatter and expectations on him are for 25-26 year old. He is just a kid, and player wise he is just coming into that young man phase. Darcy looks to be as driven as the other highly driven players around. He has done well to date and he has a lot of improvement to come.


Dasher is his nickname.

Yeah nah.

you dont get to choose your own nickname. his nickname is still “Darcy Parish”


Listened to the club podcast and he said for a while they were trying on ‘Church’ as a nickname. I don’t mind that.

Nah, … “Para” it is.

He’s a trooper.

A farken Para trooper. :smirk:


Every time I see new replies on this thread I get scared tbh

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scared of reading ■■■■■ monikers?

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Hopefully he doesn’t go too hard on that trooper spirit and become a para plegic

Or Darce Parce…?

Also does something our other mids really really struggle to do, kicks goals

With our forward line all over the shop and delivery into it not great, mids that can kick goals are solid gold.

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