#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

Church should be reserved for those pious psychopaths that go on massacres.

Yep, averaging best bit of a goal a game, 22 touches (at a 6:4 ratio uncontested to contested), 4 clearances and 4 tackles.

If he can start accumulating the ball a bit more, his numbers are absolutely elite.

and he’s building a better body for strength and endurance. It’s only his 4th year so he still has time to get the body even better. I know I’ve mentioned this earlier, but he debuted in 2016. So only 3 seasons under his belt before this one. He really is one of our younger brigade, only a year older than McGrath.

Which makes the recruitment of Shiel even more pragmatic by the club.

While our midfield has Shiel and Merrett, Parish is not going to cop a tag. He is going to be able to do his thing for years to come without being the main focus.

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Posters love to make a big call on kids, “he’s no more than a role player”, “he’s a fkg superstar” so they can be first on the bandwagon either way in the almighty imaginary blitz p!ssing contest


I really think his numbers are also a little bit skewed by the fact that earlier in the season when Myers was playing Darcy was spending more than half of the game as a Fwd.

In fact I just crunched the numbers and Pre Myers he was averaging 16 touches a game and since Myers’ self omission he is averaging 24.5 touches, 4 clearances and a Goal a game.
Numbers would be boosted again had he not spent like 70% of the giants game as a Fwd.

In recent weeks he is also starting to take that extra one or two steps before just instantly bombing it on his boot which is I think going to see him really start to stand out, his disposal still needs a little bit of work likewise his defensive pressure and running but he is tracking very very nicely.


So you’re saying that if you play in the midfield, you get more possessions than if you didn’t?
I agree!


This post is kind of hilarious.

Myers is in the side, so he played forward but now Myers isn’t in the side he plays midfield. Except for the times Myers isn’t in the side and he still played forward.

Maybe Darcy is just a really effective forward, too?

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I was replying to a post in which someone said he just needs to up his disposal count explaining why that’s not really the case.

You are actually insufferable sometimes.

Im not disputing his effectiveness as a forward lol…?

Did you even read my post, and the context of it.

Of course Parish’ numbers are not going to be as high as midfielders who play predominantly in that position where as Darcy who is still swapping Fwd for large chunks of the game.
That was my point.

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Yeah I know, I was just laughing because the first half is blaming Myers but then the next sentence highlights he has been played forward even without Myers. Almost as if it’s not Myers keeping him out.

I didn’t blame anyone lol It’s a fact that since Myers was omitted Parish has played more time in the guts.
That’s on the coaches not on Myers or Parish.

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You’ve forgotten the first rule of Blitz 2019 - always blame Myers


Can also take into account his lower disposal games are a result of him being played forward.

Think he got ten disposals in one of those matches

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To be accurate, Dasha.


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Huge game for DP with Heppell missing again. With north’s inside ability around stoppages, He becomes that much more important.


It’s makes perfect sense to judge kids (who are at 20 years of age) and say they will only be a role player/write them off/trade bait isnt it? I mean its definately not going early on the call is it??


Yep, I’d trade Francis, Ridley, Thatcher, Laverde and the rest of them because if they haven’t done a Chris Judd and dominated from day one it means they will always be mediocre


The bizarre thing is,… no matter how many times they’re proven wrong, and it should become clear that it’s way to early to make such calls, … You hear (or read) the same people say the same bluddy things about young players year after year!

It’s like they’re fcking Goldfish or something.