#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish - signed to end of 2021

NO, Goldfish are more intelligent.

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I read somewhere recently, that goldfish have a memory spanning an average of three months. Can’t remember where it was.


Did you read it more or less than three months ago?



Not his best, but not a bad game by any standards
20 disposals, 7 contested, 4 tackles

Yup. If this can become his baseline game then I’ll be quite satisfied with that

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He was raging hot early, then he vanished, then rejoined the game in the last.

Delivers well into the forward 50, but he needs to clean up some of his kicking from stoppages he can be prone to Myers-ing


For some strange reason he spent a lot of time on the bench, especially in the 2nd and 3rd 1/4’s. Only 71% game time.

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Question: Would we rather have Darcy on the bench or on the HFF?

Woosh be trolling

I reckon (and it’s just a guess) they often manage game time for 1 or 2 guys, possibly just to give them a lighter week sometimes.


That is seriously the worst…

Whatever, Para it is!

You’re like the Robin Hood of spelling.

New contract should be announced in the next couple of weeks.

I think they may be saving the announcement for when the club is in need of some good press.


I love watching our clearance work when he is on the ball. He is such a pure Rover in the old fashioned sense. He also has a really good first step of acceleration as he handballs and moves to advantage. Seems to have worked hard on his field kicking off both feet as well.


I’m been critical here but I think he is going great.

Watched him in the replay very carefully. Has good speed away from the stoppage but often bangs it onto the boot blindly when he has time to have a look. Once he realizes he has a little more time his going to be a real weapon for us.

The few times he did look up he kicked the ball perfectly to advantage.


Resting one or two mids for the majority of third quarters seems to be a deliberate tactic to freshen up the midfield for the final quarter.
They’ve done it a lot this year, and to some extent, last year.
I can even remember Merrett sitting out about 50% of a third quarter in one game.

Seems odd, but hard to argue with given our last quarter midfield surges. Think it’s also a key factor in the team having confidence that they can turn it on in the last.

It’d be interesting to see if we stuck to that in the games where we’re being pummeled in the third.
Can’t remember myself, possibly because those games I’m too busy cursing & drinking.

Cal Twomey reporting that he is set to sign a new 2 year deal.

1 down about 6-7 to go (Redman, Francis, Draper, Tippa, D. Clarke)


Wait a minute, good news coming from the club… what bad news have I missed!!!


Some idiot called him that behind me at the Sydney game.