#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Without Jobe need him in the fkn guts


You have crossed the line




Interesting statements in his interview on his re-signing. He said “our best is better than everybody”. I wonder if the coach, leadership group or PR machine told him that’s a dangerous statement to make. I haven’t heard a player publicly say that who played for a mediocre side. I kind of liked it though. It was an honest response of how he feels.


It’s not only how he, apparently, feels, but also how he, and all the other players, need to feel. If you don’t think you can beat everyone at your best, then what are you playing for?


Not to mention the fact that it’s true.


I agree. The point I’m trying to make is that it was an honest answer. Coaches usually avoid potentially adding fuel to the fire for opposition. 99% of the time players aren’t allowed to talk their side up and instead talk the opposition up and spit out all the boring cliches - particularly when you are a consistent below middle of the ladder team.

However, how many sides truly believed their best was better than Hawthorn or Geelong’s best in their premiership years? Maybe 2 or 3. Certainly not the majority of bottom teams in those years. This year is just a freaky even year.


Yep, all fair enough points.


I think we all agree our best is better than anyone in the comp, but we have all seen that our worst is the worst the comp has ever seen.

We faced the shittiest team, and showed them an even shittier performance.


It was a horrible performance.
But Brisbane are not as terrible as is being touted. They have a talented list - especially their midfield, even without Beams.


That’s some serious sugar coating… they’re not the worst 18th team in history yes, but they’re still proper bad. They torch the footy, their decision making is terrible. They’re young and inexperienced. Geelong did exactly what she should’ve done to them, accept we’re only average when you weigh our best against our worst.


I went too far?


I just think they were pretty ■■■■■■ awful against us for 95mins. The managed to get their ■■■■ remotely together for the last 20mins of the game. But we should’ve been 50 points by then, cause they were that bad. They got too much credit for mine.


Now that this bloke has signed I am all in. I just love him - love his passion. Will turn into a great clubman


His positioning and run when TBell took the mark in the goalsquare was brilliant. One of his biggest strengths imo



Looks destined to see the year out playing his same role but look forward to seeing him in the guts as a full time mid next year

Will crush it with zerrett and hepp



Waiting for someone to complain they can’t see the Y in happy


Found it