#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Didn’t follow through enough. Delist.


Photo of player without sponsors visible.

Marketing fail.


Love this kid so much.

Great attitude and definitely provided a leadership role during our toughest year ever.

Confident he will become the player that I hoped Zaka would become one day


I expect next year when given more midfield minutes we are going to see what this kid is really made of.


When they do a Joe Daniher one they should make the ‘D’ in ‘birthday’ MASSIVE


With all due respect - Zaka is a ■■■■■■ good player. Not elite, but very, very good. Would be best 22 at every club in the league IMO.


Maybe the sponsor is behind on paying its bill! EFC “were not showing your logo until you pay!”


Darce has not been used to best advantage. He is better inside, or on the the ball. He wins his own ball better than a hff. He needs to get more time. as a mid. Now.


cue darli to defending ‘developing his game’.


Cue me.
As I’ve posted before, and maybe because I’m a Darcy tragic, this IS developing his game.
No one - coaches, Darc, most Blitzers, expects anything other than a mid field role next year.
But I want an inside mid who can kick, float forward, and run rings around tags. All those extra strings he’s developing.
IE to be one of our great midfielders.

What is it with all this impatient NOW stuff these days?
Good thing you weren’t on Gary O’Donnells bandwagon - the wait would have killed you


Darcy being full time mid allows for someone else to be developing in this HFF role (Begley/lav/lang). and significantly improves our midfield. He can do 20% game time forward or whatever but he should at least be majority in the midfield.


That’s fine except he hasn’t been playing HFF- he’s been played as an outside mid with an attacking focus (and 20 percent genuine HFF)
Begley is maybe the only understudy for this role at the moment, and he’s still developing a consistent involvement in play rather than flashes of talent.
In some ways it’s been the traditional Zaharakis role, with Zaka playing more defensively as a sweeping outside mid behind the ball.


Developing his outside/forward craft only assists us going forward.

Rotations are a big part of the game and its only going to get bigger. Woosha is clearly developing all the smaller guys in multiple positions because his gameplan demands it.

All of Walla, Fantasia, Zaka, Green, Parish, Merrett, Goddard, Langford and Heppell all rotate through different roles.

You only have to look at our defenders now to see that everyone is expected to do more than the primary function of the role.

The days of traditional roles left football a decade ago.


Unless you want him broken you don’t play him as an inside mid at his current size. He’s been playing in the right position at the moment.


Thats just stupid.

he played mid last season.

hes too good to be a 1 dimensional (inside) mid.


Who you squeezing out of the midfield for him?
Personally, I’m pretty pleased he’s spending time on the flank developing his outside game. I see huge upside in that and when he eventually does switch back into the midfield I’m very much looking forward to what we’re going to see as a result. He’ll be the complete package if he can really bring up his outside game.


Finally got to watch a replay of the North game. Parish was fantastic - just so clean and decisive, not sure he got as much recognition as he should have for his game. Also noticed him standing next to Zaharakis and he has a cm or two on him height-wise which is interesting - I wonder whether he has grown since coming to the club.


I’m in favour of playing blokes where they play their best footy, suprisingly. Get him in the guts

I’m sure franklin could probably play midfield, and “Develop his game” too


No offence but this is a ridiculous analogy.
Playing Parish on a HFF helps to develop his outside game which will make him a more rounded and complete midfielder capable of winning his own ball in tight but also damaging the opposition with run and spread away from the stoppage. It contributes to him being a better midfielder.


And it’s fundamental to our gameplan that he can rotate through the forward half as well as play midfield.