#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Do you have the stats on how much mid time he had last year as opposed to what he plays now?

Genuine question because i see a lot of that but I don’t remember that being the case myself.


I agree and in the last quarter he was a key part of the midfield that smashed the Norf mids. Darcy was ranked in our top 5 players for the North game. He had 12 contested and 6 clearances on 74% time on ground. He had 3 goal assists and kicked a goal.


He’s coming along beautifully. Will get bigger and better and will play more time in the midfield accordingly.

So shut yer clams, you lot.


Just to cheer myself up on a gloomy day I watched the second half of the Pies game, he was very good as was Hepp who, if I remember was getting hammered by Blitz quite a bit around that period. They were something else with the quick hands, and Jobe’s in and under was mad. When our midfield fires they’re not shabby.


Fundamental to all game plans. You really need to be able to play multiple positions these days if your a mid.


Not on blitz, see the reaction any time Myers is in the defensive half.



This year is only going to make him a better player.


I thought he was pretty good today. He is going to blow games out in the next few years with his run and skill level.


Well, play him as a inside mid and look what happens. Who woulda thought


but he’ll break.


Maybe the people who played him as an inside mid?


I thought he was the main positive today, you can look at 2018 and beyond and see exactly what sort of midfielder we have.


It might be forgotten in the washup, but.this was his best game for the club thus far.

EDIT: despite having one average decision entering 50 by foot.


He is a jet!

We keep trying big lumbering players as ‘clearance players’ when what we need is this guy. I’d be putting him and McGrath into the centre for the rest of the year.


Darcy “DP3” Parish.


He was good again today in my opinion.

Was a bit sloppy with by foot a few times today which is uncharacteristic of him typically but he imposed himself on the game I thought and really tried to step up and lead the team to help get them over the line.

We have a future star on our hands here.

I expect a Zach Merrett-esque third season rise from this kid.


I reckon a really good post. Was so good and creative in tight.
As you mentioned his disposal was not perfect. His kicks were a little high and picked off by the opposition at times.
I think he’ll play mostly midfield next year and we’ll be a better team as a result.


Thought he was brilliant in congestion today. A vital cog of our clearance team for the next decade. I really hope he can take that next step to elite level 2018/2019.


Massive opportunitiy for Darce this week.

Will no doubt get more midfield minutes and is the most obvious choice to replace Zerrett in the middle.

I have full faith he will play a fantastic game and notch up his first 30+ possession game.


if hes lining up on the HFF i’m gonna rip wooshas gold chain off.