#3 Darcy "Darcy Parish" Parish


Even if he does, there is no doubt he will spend a lot of time in the middle this week.


Needs to be mentioned how fkn good he was this week, work rate around contests is class above and just keeps moving at pace, dat goal too was important

if he keeps this up could be the next darcy parish


He was immense, felt like he got way more of the ball than he actually did.

I too was paying particular attention to him around the packs and stoppages, he hits the contest so hard and at full pace, once it starts clicking with bellcho/leuy it’s going to be a sight to behold.


…and he can pick the ball up cleanly, none of the fumbling like the rest of the team.


Still reminds me of Ben Cousins.



Was pretty shaky today and his disposal let him down. He’s still pretty creative but was not at this best.


Was hard at it and got his hands to plenty but seemed he couldnt find any time or space to do much with it today


I go nuts when we kick the ball above his head. He just can’t mark it but we seem to keep freaking doin it.

This and his dropped marks killed us on a few occasions.

Love him though - gun


He’s not alone there sadly. We were unable to kick to advantage at all today. There was one occasion where Parish clearly should have been given a free but was not.


Number of disposals were down but competed hard plenty of 1%s & I actually thought his disposals were ok. X

Certainly no where near our worst mid fielder


Yes he was not alone. Had lots of mates.

And the umpiring was atrocious generally. Not in a bias way.

Just in the they have no kucken idea kind of way.


Needs another 2 preseasons til he’ll really get going just looks alittle small in them big packs atm but has the talent to be a top end mid


I’m expecting a Zerrett like rise next year. Zerrett did it in his 3rd season and have no doubt that Parish can do a similar job.


The inside midfielder we keep talking about may very well be on our list… Excited to watch him on the big stage today


There’s no reason he cannot become as good as Selwood.


His hands are better than selwood’s


Can he duck like Selwood


Just watch out next year with that touch more size!


I’m going early. But at qtr time this kid has announced himself

Farking gun.

Tough to do this for another 3 qtrs against this mob but he is the player we have and need.


He can sleep easy tonight knowing that he was literally the only midfielder who even marginally extracted his digit today.